Josh Rosen: 5 Things About UCLA’s Star Quarterback Who’s Going Pro By Entering The NFL Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft is going to be wild. Josh Rose of UCLA is expected to be picked early, so get all the details about the future football superstar they call ‘Chosen Rosen.’

1. “Chosen Rosen” has been golden for UCLA. When the 2018 NFL Draft takes place on April 26, hundreds of college football players will hope to hear their names called out. One of the stars expected to be a Top 5 pick is Josh Rosen, 21, quarterback for the UCLA Bruins. The 2015 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year has been dubbed “J-Chosen” and “Chosen Rosen” for the success he’s brought to the UCLA football program. During his three years at UCLA, he has thrown 9,341 yards for 59 touchdowns. As a Junior, he broke the school’s single-season passing record, throwing for 3,756 yards.

2. He comes from money – even he says so. Josh’s father is Charles Rosen, an orthopedic spine surgeon who was on President Barack Obama’s shortlist to be the surgeon general. His mother is Liz Lippincott, a former journalist and the great-great granddaughter of Joseph Wharton of Penn’s business school, according to the Washington Post. “OK, my family isn’t, like, stupid-wealthy. But I’m coming from a place where if football doesn’t work out, I don’t have to work at McDonald’s,” he tells ESPN. “Other NFL players had the same opportunities. I just haven’t tried to hide it or fool teams into thinking I’m someone I’m not. My passion for this game lies in the game, not my need to play it. Tons of players needed this game, needed the money, played it out of obligation and burned out. I don’t need it and still I give everything to it.”

3. Josh has faced anti-Semitism on the field. “I get a lot of Jewish things,” Josh told the New York Daily News about the trash-talk he heard on the field.. “My nose, particularly. I get, like, ‘Stay the f–k down, you Jewish bastard. … I’m gonna break your f–kin nose, you Jew.’ ” While this is disgusting behavior, Josh says he doesn’t let it get to him.

“When people really get into me, it gets my competitive juices flowing. I love seeing heartbroken fans. Some stadiums, the fans are really close to you, and they’ll call you names: ‘Rosen, go back to your hot tub.’ And when you beat them and get to turn around and wave? It’s the best.”

4. He pulled off one of the most epic stunts in college. Did someone mention hot tub? While as a freshman at UCLA, Josh managed to put a working inflatable hot tub in his dorm room and he shared a picture of him enjoying the company of a bikini babe. While setting it up might have him celebrated as a college hero, the NFL might frown on such buffoonery, and Josh seems to know that. When asked what was “the most jerkish thing he’s done,” he picked the hot tub incident.

“I accidentally shipped it to my mom’s house. My mom thought it was hilarious and drove it up for me, “ he said. “But I shouldn’t have had a woman in there [with him.] I enjoy making people laugh, but what I find funny and put online, others might misconstrue and find jerkish. I need to refine my message but not lose who I am.”

5. He’s got more on his mind than just football. “I’m a big documentary guy,” he told ESPN. “I just saw Icarus. That was pretty good. And I love every Christopher Nolan movie. Especially Interstellar. I’m a big Neil deGrasse Tyson fan. I’ve read all his books — now I’m on Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I watched the whole Cosmos series.” When told that one of his flaws is that he’s overly opinionated,” he shoots that down.

“I’m not saying, “I’m right, you’re wrong.” I’m saying, “Tell me your opinion and let’s find common ground.” My opinions are out there so they can be molded and so I can learn,” he says.

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