Kate Middleton has ‘growing competition’ from Princess Charlotte in new Christmas card

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Pantoland with family

A new picture of the Cambridges emerged today which showed the family of five sat in a countryside setting. The adorable family shot depicted a cheerful Prince Louis, a “confident” Princess Charlotte and a “reserved” Prince George. The family photo shows Kate and William looking happier than ever as they held onto their three children.

As always, Kate stole the show, with her demure pose placing her as “the powerhouse of the family”.

However, according to body language expert Judi James the Duchess of Cambridge could soon see some competition from Charlotte.

Judi exclusively told Express.co.uk: “The positioning and the body language of this pose places Kate as the powerhouse of the family, sitting upright and confident, meeting the camera lens with a perfect, regal smile and one brow raised at the outer edge hinting there might have been quite a bit of work involved in making this shot look so relaxed and easy.

“But Kate does seem to have growing competition in the confidence stakes.

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“Charlotte already showed her potential as a very ‘go-it-alone’ young girl when she strode ahead on the red carpet on panto night, dropping her father’s hand as she did so.”

The family of five were spotted attending a special pantomime in the West End this week.

The Christmassy scene saw the family wear their most festive attire and enjoy all the sights around them.

Charlotte appeared to steal the show then as well, according to Judi.

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In many photos of the young Princess, she appears to be holding the gaze of the camera in a surprisingly confident manner.

And it seems Charlotte may have inherited her “challenging eye-gaze” from one of her relatives.

Judi continued: “Here she sits with her hands splayed out, leaning towards the camera and with a direct and slightly challenging eye-gaze that she seems to have inherited from her great-granny The Queen.”

Judi also said William appears to be “delighted” by the family scene.

She added: “William sports a smile of suppressed delight and pride at his family unit and he leans his head in towards Kate in a gesture that hints that he sees her as the rock of the group.”

Prince Louis, who is just two-years-old, appears to be the most care-free of the five.

In the latest photo, he appears to be enthusiastically laughing with his left hand in a fist.

The young Prince’s hair matches his older brother’s in style and shape.

Judi continued: “Louis is always the one who appears to be enjoying himself the most, while George adopts a pose we see a lot, sitting by his father, looking slightly more reserved than his other siblings.”

Prince George, who will become King after his father Prince William, seems to have matured the most in this photo.

The young prince has a more guarded smile, perhaps showing that he is growing up.

Judi explained that as heir to the throne, William takes George “under his wing” which gives them a strong bond.

“William tends to take George under his wing as his heir-to-the-throne in waiting and the pair appear to have very strong bonds, with George always happy to take his dad’s hand or to sit close, as he is here,” said Judi.

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