Kate Middleton shares her favourite entries to photography project

Kate Middleton shines a spotlight on lockdown experiences of adorable children, joyful elderly and resilient key workers as she shares her favourite entries to her community photography project so far

  • Kate Middleton, 38, launched her community photography project this month
  • Kensington Palace this afternoon shared some of their favourite entries so far
  • Included several photos of children, including a beaming girl dressed as a nurse
  • Another snap showed an elderly couple joyfully clapping for the NHS  

Kate Middleton shone a spotlight on the experiences of children, the elderly and key workers as she selected some of her favourite images she has recieved so far as part of her community photography project today. 

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, joined forces with the National Portrait Gallery to launch Hold Still, which is designed to capture the ‘spirit, mood, hopes and fears’ of the nation through the medium of photography.

Today the Kensington Palace Instagram account shared some of the standout entries so far, with snaps including one of an adorable girl beaming while dressed up in a nurse’s uniform.

In another photograph, an elderly couple can be seen joyfully dancing on their driveway as they applaud NHS workers as part of the Clap for Carers campaign.  

Kate Middleton, 38, has shared some of her favourite entries to her photography project Hold Still, including one of a boy kissing his grandmother through a window 

In another snap shared by the Kensington Royal Instagram page, an elderly couple could be seen joyfully applauding NHS workers as part of the Clap for Carers campaign 

Another of the snaps showed an adorable little girl beaming as she dressed up in a nurse’s uniform, and was entitled ‘Thankyou’

The images range from the light-hearted to the heart-breaking but each captures a different aspect of life in lockdown. 

Ahead of posting the snaps on Instagram this evening, the Kensington Royal Instagram page shared a quote from the Duchess.

It read: ‘Hold still aims to capture a portrait of the nation, a spirit of the nation, what everyone is going through at this time.

‘Photographs reflecting resilience, bravery and kindness – all those things that people are experiencing.’  

Another image showed one inquisitive little boy walking along the top of the wall outside his home as he enjoyed VE celebrations 

‘Hospital visit’: Another of the images submitted for the project showed a youngster wearing a mask while in a hospital bed 

Kate, who spearheaded the campaign, is a patron of the National Portrait Gallery and a keen amateur photographer, aims to capture a snapshot of the UK at this time, with the help of the nation.

The Duchess will personally curate 100 photographs for the Hold Still exhibition.

She said earlier this month that she had been ‘struck’ by the many ‘incredible’ images seen already, ‘which have given us an insight into the experiences and stories of people – some desperately sad images showing the human tragedy of this pandemic’. 

While some of the images showed children and the elderly, others were a tribute to key workers, including one of a delivery driver entitled ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’ 

One of the snaps shared by the royal account was submitted in a tribute to ‘paragon parents’ 

People from across the UK are invited to submit a photographic portrait which they have taken during these extraordinary times for the community project. 

Participants are also encouraged to provide a short written submission to outline the experiences and emotions of those depicted in their photograph.

Hold Still is completely free, open to all ages and abilities, and will focus on three core themes – ‘Helpers and Heroes’, ‘Your New Normal’ and ‘Acts of Kindness’.

Another showed a parent teaching their young child how to make bread, in what has become a common lockdown activity for many families across the UK 

One of the striking photographs showed a youngster peering through the glass of their front door 

The idea is to create a unique photographic portrait of the people of our nation in lockdown as we ‘hold still’ for the good of others, and celebrate those who have continued so we can stay safe.

It will reflect resilience and bravery, humour and sadness, creativity and kindness, and human tragedy and hope.

Hold Still will also act as a reminder of the significance of human connection in times of adversity, and that although we were physically apart, as a community and nation, we all faced and rose to the challenge together.

The Duchess launched the community photography project earlier this month, and said she was looking to capture the ‘portrait of the nation’ 

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