Kate Middleton’s birthday photo shows ‘her in role of Queen’ – ‘deliberate’ mask choice

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Kate Middleton’s image was posted alongside an image of Her Highness waving at the camera and smiling behind a mask. It was posted with the caption: “Thank you for your kind wishes on The Duchess’ birthday.

“Birthdays have been very different in recent months, and our thoughts continue to be with all those working on the front line at this hugely challenging time.”

The photo has had over 800,000 likes so far and many fans piled in to praise the Duchess in the comments.

What did a body language expert have to say about the new image and what it conveys to the public.

Judi James told Express.co.uk Kate in fully embracing her role as future Queen here.

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In fact, we can see the Duchess of Cambridge turning to one of the Queen’s signature moves, the expert claimed.

“Like her birthday message, Kate’s choice of the photo suggests a desire to reflect the current ‘challenges’ the country is facing rather than promoting any sense of royal glitz and celebration,” Judi said.

“This is a very grown-up pose that really does depict Kate in the role of the future queen, including the use of the gloved royal wave to greet us.”

The photo is also reflective of the times, with the Duchess wearing her mask to fight coronavirus.

It is also reflected in her clothing and the background of the image.

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Judi said: “It’s very much the look of a royal in times of global emergency though, with the bare brick wall behind her and her choice of functional navy blue and the military-style buttons on the coat.

“The mask is an important signal and it is clearly a deliberate one.

“Like the Queen publicizing her vaccination to motivate and even reassure the public, Kate’s mask acts like a bit of a nudge that this is how we should all be choosing to look right now.”

The image is a masterclass in communicating through a mask, the expert explained.

“The power in this photograph comes from Kate’s eye expression though, and for this reason, it has been cleverly chosen,” Judi said.

“She might be masked but the emotional message is still there in her confident eye-smile.

“While the public worry about face masks deleting our sense of identity and ability to communicate via our body language, this eye-smile is a timely reminder that it is still possible to project all the necessary emotions via our eye expressions alone.”

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