Kathy Hilton Gives Tour of LA Home, Transforms It Into Winter Wonderland

"This toy chest was a gift from Michael Jackson."

Kathy Hilton recently took viewers inside her Los Angeles home for a festive look into how she was spending the holidays in a new Architectural Digest video.

Kathy shared her tips of optimizing lighting for Christmas trees, the story behind her mother-in-law’s vintage chairs, tropical fabrics, holiday crafts and party planning.

While the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star showed off her festively decorated seven bedroom, eight bathroom home, Kathy admitted that she would not be hosting a Christmas party this year.

“This year, I’m not doing my big party because, well, we just had a three-day wedding,” she explained and referenced her daughter Paris’ wedding in November. “Really truthfully, I tried to make this extra special for AD and have it look appropriate.”

The 62-year-old also took AD into her favorite room of the house which she lovingly coined as her “toy room”. The cozy sitting room was decorated from top to bottom with stuffed animals, children’s toys and Santa Claus figurines.

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“All of these toys are collected from all of my children,” she stated. “Some from me. Some from my little sisters. I’m a toy collector.”

Kathy also pointed out a special toy chest she had received as a gift from the late King of Pop.

“This toy chest was a gift from Michael Jackson,” she said. “This was a toy chest filled with gifts for me for a Christmas maybe 12 years ago. We were both living at the Bel-Air Hotel.”

The Hiltons are huge fans of the holidays, the RHOBH star opened up about some of her family traditions that last over the course of a few days and involve a lot of cooking.

“Nicky’s a good baker,” Kathy said and cheekily added that “Paris licks the bowl.”

“In the last couple years, with the pandemic, I felt having my children home a lot more, and especially during Christmas, that we were able to interact together,” she admitted that she had come to learn new things about her children by spending this time with them.

“Sit down with a family member and do some kind of a craft with them,” she said. “Bring the things over, bring things that you already have, get a fresh wreath, a fake wreath, whatever. It’s the quality time,” she stated before she concluded the tour.

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