Kendall Jenner’s ‘Falling For’ Devin Booker ‘More Every Day’: What It Means For Their Future Together

Kendall Jenner has been hanging out non-stop with Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker, and sources EXCLUSIVELY tell HollywoodLife if the model is feeling the desire to ‘settle down.’

As Kendall Jenner’s increasing hangouts with Devin Booker suggest, the model and NBA star’s romance is heating up! Kendall loves spending time with Devin and she’s falling for him more every day,” a source close to Kendall EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. This leaves us to wonder if the 24-year-old model, who’s known for her nonchalant attitude in the romance department, is looking to settle down this time around — luckily, our source also answers that question. 

“However, she isn’t like the rest of her sisters and isn’t concerned with finding a husband anytime soon,” our source clarifies. “Kendall doesn’t feel any pressure to settle down and loves having her own independence. She knows she’s young and has her whole life ahead of her so although she’s been spending a lot of time with Devin, it doesn’t necessarily mean she has plans on living a domesticated life anytime soon.” So, this isn’t exactly a whirlwind romance.

Another source stresses Kendall’s independence, even as she begins a new relationship. Kendall never looks to get married when she gets involved with a man,” a second source, who’s also close to the super model, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. The source adds, “She just wants to have fun and everything else will fall into place.”

As for what draws Kendall to the Phoenix Suns basketball player, this second insider explains, “With Devin, he is cute, funny and an amazing athlete. She has a piece of her heart devoted to athletes thanks to her father [Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner].” The coronavirus pandemic has also given Kendall more time to bond with a beau than usual. 

“With the pandemic she has been able to hang out with him more and instead of getting sick of him she is actually liking him more,” our second source continues. “It’s really working out but don’t expect wedding bells or babies anytime soon. They just get along, he is not a headache. So it’s making her happy during this time of an upside down world.” 

Kendall and Devin first sparked romance rumors after taking a road trip together to Sedona, Arizona in April. While the status of their relationship was unknown at the time, it became more apparent after the duo had three back-to-back dates at the beginning of September. While they have yet to publicly confirm the romance, Kendall did serve an excellent clapback to a fan who seemed to mock the fact that her last ex (Ben Simmons) was also an NBA player.

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