Kendall Jenner’s ridiculous oversized jacket is inspiring some hilarious jokes

Autumn is in full-swing and the weather is getting much colder – so lots of us are starting to get our ‘big coats’ out to wrap up warm in.

Kendall Jenner seems to have the biggest coat of all, as pictures of her in a gigantic red puffer jacket have been circulating online.

Vogue France posted an edited picture the model in the ‘super puff’ jacket on Twitter in a ridiculous oversized jacket which is being mocked by people on social media.

Some people have come up with some brilliant jokes about it.

Vogue France posted the snap with the caption "winter is coming" and it’s since been retweeted over 20,000 times and has thousands of comments.

Twitter user have been laughing at the oversized coat, writing comments like "I am dead", "been laughing at this for a solid 5 minutes" and "what the HELL am I looking at".

Some have compared the stunning model to the Michelin man when wearing the huge puffer jacket, and others created exaggerated versions of the image where the coat looks even bigger on Kendall.

One person made the brilliant comparison to PE teachers wrapped up telling kids to do sport in the cold – which is so relatable.

One person predicted the onslaught of memes, writing: "I swear the memes that are to follow this post CANNOT come soon enough."

They did not disappoint.

For those heading to arctic climes, or if you just want to wrap up warm,super puff jacket is available to buy from Aritzia and is available in a variety of colours.

It doesn’t look anywhere near as long as it does on Vogue’s picture of Kendall, as it appears the photo the magazine shared of her had been edited.

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