Kris Bryant Gets Nailed In The Head By 96 MPH Pitch: Is He OK? — Watch

This is terrifying. Chicago Cubs player Kris Bryant got hit in the head by at baseball going 96 MPH during the team’s April 22 game. Is he going to be able to play in their next game? Watch the brutal video.

One moment of the Chicago Cubs game versus the Colorado Rockies had everyone’s jaws on the floor. Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, 26, was hit on the head with a 96 MPH fastball from Rockies pitcher German Marquez. The ball made a loud sound when it hit the flap of Kris’s helmet. Kris immediately reacted and walked away from the mound. The crowd was absolutely shell-shocked by what had just happened. Kris was taken off the field with assistance.

“Kris Bryant was examined upon exiting today’s game and has passed all tests thus far,” the team tweeted on their official page. “He has a small laceration above his eye from his sunglasses, but has shown no signs of a concussion. He will continue to be evaluated.” Kris is expected to fly with the rest of the Cubs to Cleveland. The Cubs, who won 9-7 against the Rockies, will play the Cleveland Indians on April 24. Kris is a real trooper!

“As good as could be expected,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said about Kris after the game, according to ESPN. “I have not heard of anything awful, but they’re still watching him. I have not heard the word ‘concussion’ yet.”

That wasn’t the only shocking moment during the game. Cubs hitting coach Chili Davis and assistant hitting coach Andy Haines were ejected from the game after Andy threw his drink towards the direction of umpire Cory Blaser, according to USA Today. Yikes!

We’re so glad Kris is going to be OK. His injury could have been so much worse. Get well soon, Kris! The Cubs need you!

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