Lauren Conrad's Mother's Day Gift Idea Doesn't Need Wrapping

We’ve appreciated the clever shopping and gifting ideas from Lauren Conrad over the years. But this year is extra special because it’s the 32-year-old designer’s first Mother’s Day as an actual mom. Now that she has some experience under her belt, she understands exactly what mothers are hoping for on the special day.

“You just want to be appreciated and you just want someone to say thanks for all you do,” Conrad explains in the video above. “But yeah, jewelry’s not bad.” We’d have to agree. And when she’s not wearing her precious jewels, she’ll need somewhere nice to store her baubles. “I really love the Ring Dishes,” Conrad tells “They’re great to keep by your sink and a sweet daily reminder of your loved ones.” Not to mention, they’re also a super affordable gift option. The LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s includes cute designs that are on sale for $15 right now.



But Conrad’s best gift idea doesn’t involve any tissue paper or bows. “Mothers spend every day of the year planning for the family,” Conrad adds. “For me, the best way to make mother’s day feel special is to make sure that it’s all planned out and that I don’t have to think about what we are doing.” So make sure you have some fun activities lined up for the day, whether it’s taking mom to the movies or treating her to a spa day. “A gift doesn’t always have to be something wrapped,” Conrad reminds us. “A meal is a wonderful way to show thanks so taking your mom out to eat or making her favorite meal for her at home is a nice treat.”

And when all else fails, Corad reminds us, “Flowers are a nice gift that every mom loves and appreciates.” So get to it and finalize your Mother’s Day plans now. 

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