LeBron James and other NBA stars come out in support of Milwaukee Bucks boycotting playoff game in protest of police shooting of Jacob Blake

  • The Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court on Wednesday.
  • The team decided to boycott their game against the Orlando Magic in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
  • On Twitter, NBA players from across the league voiced their support for the Bucks.
  • It's the biggest statement NBA players have made yet to use their platform for change.
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The Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court for their scheduled playoff game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

NBA players from several teams inside the bubble had already expressed their anger with the shooting, their frustration being unable to join demonstrations, and a potential boycotting of games.

On Wednesday, the Bucks made their move, staying in their locker room as the clock ticked up to, and past, the opening tip.

On Twitter, several other star players sent out their support for the Bucks, including Lakers superstar LeBron James, who was also scheduled to play on Wednesday.

Despite not being scheduled to play on Wednesday, the Boston Celtics used another direct approach, tweeting out a call to action.

Minutes after the Bucks made their boycott official, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Rockets and Thunder, who were scheduled to play the next game of the day, also planned to boycott their game.

Before the NBA restart began, there was some debate amongst players over whether or not it was right to return to play, or if the players would be better off keeping the focus on activism as protests and marches took place across the country after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers.

Ultimately, the players opted to play in the bubble, with many promising to use their platforms to continue highlighting the causes of racial justice. Players knelt during the national anthem, wore phrases across the backs of their jerseys, and redirected questions from reporters to the case of Breonna Taylor in an effort to keep the conversation on social justice.

With the Bucks decision to boycott their game and more soon to follow, players made their biggest statement yet.

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