LeBron James ‘Disappointed’ By Tristan Thompson: He Was Hoping Tristan & The Team Would Step Up

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the verge of being swept in the NBA finals. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how LeBron James is frustrated his with teammates.

The Cleveland Cavaliers entire 2018 NBA playoff run has been dependent on one man, LeBron James, to come through with big numbers. Now they’re on the verge of being swept out of the NBA finals by a dominant Golden State Warriors squad in a crucial game four on June 8. Bron’s had almost no help from Tristan Thompson and other teammates throughout the playoffs and desperately needs them to put up some numbers. “LeBron is disappointed and frustrated by Tristan and his Cavaliers teammates as they face and embarrassing sweep in the finals tonight,” an NBA source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“LeBron was hoping that Tristan, or someone, anyone on the team would step up in a big way, and give him and the team the boost they so desperately need to get at least one win against Steph (Curry) and the reigning champion Warriors team. LeBron issued a challenge to the team, to do more, play harder and avoid being eliminated at home tonight. LeBron feels like he is doing everything himself, and if he could pass the ball to himself to score, he would,” our insider adds.

That would probably be the best option if it wasn’t completely impossible. The rest of the team has played like crap throughout the playoffs, forcing LeBron to put up numerous 40 plus point games just to get them to the NBA finals. Now that he’s up against a team featuring four all-stars, its become too much for just LeBron to secure the wins. He had a massive 51 points during game one in Oakland, but the team still ended up losing in overtime. To make matters even more embarrassing, Steph and Klay Thompson both were terrible in game three, relying on Kevin Durant‘s 43 points to secure their victory. The Warriors aren’t even playing at full strength and they’re still crushing the Cavs. Nothing would hurt LeBron more than to be swept in the finals and lose the NBA championship on his home court.

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