‘Legacies’ Recap: Hope & Landon Reconnect & A New Clue About Landon’s Origins Is Revealed

The Nov. 29 episode of ‘Legacies’ was full of tough decisions, major revelations, and romance! Hope conducted tests on Landon to find out who he truly is, and the final moments featured two steamy kisses!

Alaric listens to his daughters and allows the students of the Salvatore School to have a voice in the rules. He’s forming an honor council that will be comprised of one vampire, one witch, and one werewolf elected by their peers. Alaric soon heads out to look into this Poison Ivy-type creature, who is known as tree dryad.

Before he leaves, MG tries to talk to Alaric about Caleb. MG asks for a little bit of leniency, but Alaric tells him that Caleb is in vampire prison because the punishment fits the crime. Hope is not happy that Alaric is going to investigate this supernatural creature without her. She has to do testing spells on Landon. Alaric has a few words for Hope: “Try not to kill him.”

Landon does not want Hope to do the tests. “There’s no way I’m putting my future in your hands,” he says. “You’re biased.” While that is true, Hope wants answers just like he does. They soon find out that Landon has zero supernatural strength. Hope learns that Landon has no magical blood in his lineage, but Emma finds that odd. Most humans have some magical blood in their veins.

Lizzie is running for the witch spot on the honor council. Penelope wants to run again Lizzie, which pisses Josie off. Rafael has joined a Wolfpack at school, but the alpha doesn’t want Landon at the school. Rafael decide to fight Jed to become the new alpha so he can run for the werewolf spot. He easily wins.

The honor council is going to have to decide about Landon getting to stay or not. Rafael goes to Lizzie, who says she’s happy to help. She also asks him to be her date to her birthday party. He thinks it’s blackmail, but she calls it “black-tying.” Josie is upset, but she’s hiding it well.

Hope decides to use a supernatural lie detector on Landon, and she learns a lot about him. His mom gave him up for adoption. He’s never met his dad. He doesn’t know why he took the knife. Later, Landon catches Hope in a lie when she claims she doesn’t care about him.

The honor council votes are in, and Rafael, Caleb, and Josie are your new members! Lizzie is blindsided by Josie’s win. Hope goes to Alaric to get a seat on the council since she’s the one and only tri-brid.

Jed, still angry from losing the fight to Rafael, corners Landon and attacks him. Hope helps tend to Landon’s wounds. She warns him that this school is full of people who can hurt and kill him. He says he feels safe at the school, but Hope knows he’s lying.

Now it’s time for the vote. Emma votes for him to stay, as does Rafael. Caleb wants him out, and Hope believes the school isn’t safe for him. It’s all down to Josie. Because of the unknown when it comes to Landon, Josie thinks he could still be dangerous. “This school is family, and I am not putting my family in danger again,” she says. She votes to kick Landon out. Rafael gets pissed. “I’m done with both of you,” he says to Josie and Caleb.

Lizzie is commiserating over her shocking loss by hitting a punching bag. Penelope walks in, and she comes clean about why she doesn’t like Lizzie. “It’s about how you treat Josie,” Penelope says. Josie spends all of her energy on Lizzie, and not on herself. Penelope calls Lizzie a “black hole of time, energy, and love.” Lizzie is left reeling by Penelope’s words. Later, Rafael comes into the gym still pissed about the vote. Rafael and Lizzie hook up in the gym! Oh, Josie’s not going to be happy about this after what happened in the last episode!

Landon is looking at a photo of his mom when Rafael walks in to tell him that he can’t stay at the school.  Hope decides to send Landon to New Orleans (!) to a family friend. He’s going to help Landon find his birth mom. She drops him off at the bus stop and gives him some money, the results of his lineage spell, and a special bracelet. If Landon presses it, Hope will come to him. She walks away, and Landon presses the bracelet. They share an epic kiss in front of the bus. Handon forever! When Landon is on the bus, he notices a necklace his mother is wearing in the photo. Landon and his mom are somehow connected to Malivore. The Landon mystery continues!

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