‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Recap: Just Brittany & Keely Have A Nasty Confrontation

Uh oh. The drama was too real on the April 30 episode of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’, especially when Just Brittany and Keely come face-to-face after a major argument.

At this point, what is an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta without a blow out? On the April 30 episode, Just Brittany, 28, and Keely The Boss had it out not once, but twice in two wild confrontations. The first one came when Brittany joined Mimi Faust, 48, and Keely to look at a venue for the upcoming showcase they want her to perform at. Then Brittany was taken by surprise when Stevie J, 46, and Estelita Quintero showed up looking lovey dovey. Stevie immediately questioned why Brittany and Estelita are having issues, and Keely gets involved by calling out Brittany for being unprofessional. Things escalate from there and Brittany has to leave, which leads Stevie J to decide he doesn’t want to work with her anymore.

Later, Brittany and Keely set up a meeting to discuss their issues because, once upon a time, they were actually friends. In fact, it was Brittany who brought Keely to Stevie’s get together where she was introduced to both him and Mimi. Now she’s working with them and Brittany isn’t, so it’s a little awkward. It takes about 30 seconds for Brittany and Keely to get upset with each other, and when Brittany gets up to leave Keely stands up and throws her drink right at her former friend. And that’s a wrap on that friendship!

Meanwhile, there is a whole lot more drama where that came from. For starters, Momma Dee reveals to Karen King that her man, Ernest, is doing drugs again. Sierra and BK Brasco try to have a romantic date night out, but BK gets annoyed when all Sierra wants to talk about is her ex, Shooter. She then tells BK she wants to move forward with him, but BK tells her there is no way to move up to the next level if she’s not over her ex. Rasheeda and Kirk are still living together, but Rasheeda uses blue paint tape to split up all of the rooms in hopes Kirk will finally learn some boundaries with her. He actually doesn’t fight it, but he does reveal that he’s taking his time working on custody and visitation to his child with Jasmine because he doesn’t want to have to deal with her. On top of that, he doesn’t want to have contact with her and once again upset his wife, Rasheeda.

In other news, Stevie and Estelita are back on and hotter than ever — which is pretty gross. Estelita reveals that she knows her friends (ahem, Erica Mena) aren’t going to be happy about her decision to let Stevie back into her bedroom, but that she doesn’t care. Ironically, Brittany meets up with her friend, Tiarra, to tell her about everything going on with Stevie, Keely and more. Tiarra tells Brittany that Stevie is a one-trick pony and that if she doesn’t “give up the coochie” that he’ll never sign her. Tiarra isn’t wrong.

Tokio decides she wants to throw a big album release party, so she goes to K. Botchey for help since he’s the best party promoter in Atlanta. The only catch? She asks him to keep his girlfriend, none other than Keely, under control during the party. When K. Botchy agrees and then leaves, Sierra reveals that she knows K. Botchy is playing Keely with a girl named Krystal. Later, Yung Joc reveals to K. Botchey that Keely’s baby daddy is Blu DaVinci — something Botchey is pretty upset about. So much awkward all around.

Lastly, Jessica Dime finds out that her boyfriend, Shawne, has finally signed with a minor league team in hopes of proving himself back onto an NBA team. The only problem with that? He’s going away for four months, something that upsets Jessica immediately because she’s pregnant and by the time he comes back she’ll likely be about to give birth. Poor thing.

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