Libra Season Is Here to Make You Social AF Again

If you’re planning on going on a first date with someone, now’s the time to ask! Have you been wanting to throw a party? Start planning now, and it’ll be a hit! It’s also a great time of year to flex your creative muscles and make art, if that’s your thing. Invite a classmate or co-worker to hang out and you can foster a new friendship. This period is dedicated to relaxing after a hard month of work. You can flirt, play, hook up, and chill with friends all month long without getting bored or burnt out. This year has been an astrological tornado of retrogrades and drama, so take a month off and just enjoy yourself!

Libra Season for the Signs:

Aries: Relationships are definitely your highest priority this time of year, Aries. Friendships, relationships, and business partnerships are all highlighted during this time. You’re the most assertive sign, so you’re going to need to compromise if you want to enjoy Libra season to its fullest potential! Through all of your interactions over the next month, you get a better idea of yourself and your contributions to your relationships. Any unhealthy relationships you’re a part of start to deteriorate, but the healthy ones grow and flourish like never before!

Taurus: Your matter-of-fact, earthy, and hardworking vibes don’t always mesh well with the playful mood of Libra season, Taurus. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll stifle your ability to get the job done. The part of your chart being activated is associated with the workplace, so expect more time spent at the office. The relationship-oriented tone of the moment really lends itself to teamwork. You’re stubborn and super insistent on doing things your way, but adopting a more compromising attitude can teach you even more productive ways to accomplish personal goals in the future.

Gemini: When Libra season comes around, it can feel like the most jovial time of year for your sign, Gemini. That’s because your chart’s zone dedicated to fun and recreation is illuminated! Enjoy a more creative mindset, a boost in your love life, and better sex this month. Every spare moment is better than the last, and you have a noticeable pep in your step! This amplified energy needs to be expressed somehow, so you can easily find your days filled with sports, dancing, making art, and making out for the next month!

Cancer: As one of the most emotional water signs, the airy atmosphere of Libra season doesn’t always sit well with you, Cancer. When it comes to relationships, there has to be a real connection for you to feel satisfied. Superficial Libra doesn’t always provide the depth you need, so you can spend this time focusing on relationships you’ve already established. Relations with your family members and roommates are most prominent right now, and you might want to work out how you co-exist in your home together. You can also use the artistic and creative vibes of Libra season to re-decorate your space!

Leo: After a humdrum past month, Libra season gets the party started, Leo! You’re busier than ever, but not with school or work. Your schedule is filled to the brim with dates, parties, and all kinds of outings. You’re with friends on the daily, and your social media is especially bumpin’ for the next month. This time of year is characterized by nonstop activity, but the airy vibes of this time of year just fan your natural fire and help you shine brighter than ever. Enjoy the flirtatious, fun mood of the next month!

Virgo: Just because your time of year is over doesn’t mean you’re going to be having any less of a good time, Virgo. The part of your chart being highlighted this Libra season has to do with your material resources and finances—so there could be a nice bonus on your next paycheck! Though your pocketbook isn’t necessarily filling up with cash, since there’s also a tendency to spend, spend, spend! Using the stylish sensibilities of Libra season can help you expand your wardrobe over the next month, and money spent on a nice outfit is money well-spent (if you ask a Libra, that is!). Pick out the perfect outfit and show it off one night this month—you’re guaranteed to turn heads!

Libra: Happy birthday, lovely Libra! Make sure you throw a huge party and invite everyone on your friends list—this month is all about YOU! You’re in the spotlight, people can’t take their eyes off of you, and you’re allowed to be a little self-obsessed for once. What’s on your personal agenda? Spend this month asserting yourself and using your natural diplomacy to accomplish any goals with your coworkers or classmates.

Scorpio: You’re all about an intense connection with someone else, and the fluffy, lighthearted (and sometimes superficial) vibes of Libra season might not be your cup of tea, Scorpio. Being with your partner or your besties can lead to tons of fun and good memories right now, but if you want to recede and enjoy some peace and quiet, go for it. It’s okay to recharge your batteries and take time off right now—Scorpio season is right around the corner, and then it’ll be YOUR time to shine.

Sagittarius: Your social life is boosted by Libra season’s energy, Sagittarius, and gatherings and get-togethers fill up your schedule. The best way to spend your time right now is with your friends. Shining bright and standing out in the crowd comes way easier for you during this time as well. This month is all about becoming more self-aware and developing a better idea of who you are as an individual. Your friends help you celebrate all of your unique traits and show you all of the ways you contribute to the group in your own special ways!

Capricorn: You’re by far the most ambitious sign, Capricorn. The frivolous vibes of Libra season can sound like a distraction from your normal productivity, which is a big turn-off for your sign. Take advantage of the partnership-oriented atmosphere by improving your relationships at work! This is the best time of year for you to play nice and ham it up to your supervisors, because your every victory or accomplishment, no matter how small, is garnering recognition during this time of year. If you’ve been wanting to improve your reputation or move up in professional life, this could be the time to do it!

Aquarius: As the most intellectual sign, you love to learn, Aquarius. During Libra season, you find that your mind can grow and expand in every direction through the connections you make with others. You can learn a ton about a foreign culture or philosophy by meeting new people this time of year, and a surprise trip could be find its way into your schedule! You naturally feel more optimistic and charismatic, and making new friends is a breeze for the next month. You can start your next relationship during this time too, but it can be with someone who is totally not your type.

Pisces: As a water sign, you are packed to the gills with emotions, Pisces. Libra is an air sign, meaning that it’s less inclined to feel and more inclined to approach things from an intellectual stance. This energy can feel unfamiliar to you, but taking advantage of the rational line of thinking and Libra season’s social vibes can help you in a variety of ways. Approaching matters from a different perspective helps you to make discoveries about the world and shake up your outlook on life! This time of year also lends itself to self-analysis and learning more about yourself through your deeper relationships. By the time Libra season is all said and done, you have a better awareness of your inner self and might be inspired to make some big changes.

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