Mac Miller ‘Totally Crushed’ By Ariana Grande’s Twitter Diss: It Completely ‘Blindsided’ Him

Ariana Grande absolutely tore into Mac Miller online, saying he couldn’t keep his ‘sh*t together’ when they were dating. Mac, as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY heard, was absolutely shocked by this ‘nasty’ message!

Ariana Grande, 24, didn’t hold back after a fan tried to blame her breakup with Mac Miller, 26, for his recent DUI arrest, saying she wasn’t a “babysitter” for a man who couldn’t get his life in order. The message was pretty up-front, and this brutal honest caught everyone by surprise – including her ex-boyfriend! “Mac is hurt and offended that Ariana chose to trash him online,” a source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY tells “He has been struggling with a lot of personal issues before, during and after their breakup, and her strong words about him don’t feel good at all.”

“He is totally crushed,” the source tells “He had been sad over their split – then he messed up with his DUI – and now this. He feels like she is just being nasty and kicking him when he is at his lowest.” Well, if this is the lowest, Mac better get ready because he might go lower. After crashing his G-Wagon into a pole and causing a three-block blackout, he’s facing up to a $1,000 fine as possibly six months in jail. Throw on top of that the penalties for his hit and run, and having his ex-girlfriend talk trash about him online may be the least of Mac’s problems.

On top of being crushed about Ariana saying he needs to get his “sh*t together,” Mac wasn’t feeling too great that she had already moved on to a new man. The “Dangerous Woman” is reportedly casually dating Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, 24, and the rumors of this new relationship left Mac feeling “heartbroken” all over again. Ariana being so into Pete has left Mac feeling confused, and he’s wondering if he ever really knew Ariana.

Judging by her public diss, this is the real Ariana, and Mac better get used to her. “He hoped that she would be more classy, private or at least more respectful about his challenges after all the love he has given her,” the Mac Miller insider tells “[Mac] is devastated because he was totally blindsided by the diss and expected more class from her after their split.”

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