Machine Gun Kelly cashes in on Eminem feud with terrible new EP ‘Binge’

Where to even begin with “Binge?”

The new nine-song EP from Machine Gun Kelly dropped Friday, just a week after its announcement and released in the heat of his feud with Eminem presumably to cash in on the most media attention the rapper has received in years.

And almost immediately, it’s a mess, as he barely gets two minutes into the album before firing off his first unintentionally hilarious line, rapping with deadly seriousness about how he “(expletive) two girls that looked like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.”

Things don’t get much better over the course of the album’s nine-song tracklist, which at its lowest points sounds like a Lonely Island parody of a 2018 rap song. MGK cycles through the trap beats and autotuned vocals that appear on what’s seemed like virtually every major rap release of the year, but it’s the album’s lyrical elements that make “Binge” sound less like a Travis Scott album and more like a Weird Al project, his verses sounding inane at best and laugh-out-loud hilarious at their worst. 

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