MAGIC! Dish On Their Dynamic Third Studio Album ‘Expectations’

MAGIC! dropped their third studio album ‘Expectations’ on Sept. 7, and told HollywoodLife all about it in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

Toronto, Ontario natives MAGIC! commanded the airwaves with their smash single “Rude” back in 2014, and in 2016, proved they had more to offer, with their sparkling album Primary Colours. Now, the band is solidifying their place in the music industry, with a dynamic new album, Expectations, which will surely exceed any you might have. “I think anybody could relate to this album,” vocalist Nasri Atweh tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “There’s a lot of things we did this time around, that you wouldn’t expect MAGIC! to do.”

Nasri is right. The album on the whole, is a far cry from the reggae vibes that immediately come to mind when thinking of MAGIC! Earlier this summer, the group released the first single and music video for “Kiss Me,” an ode to the nostalgic feeling of missing someone you love. “I was contemplating life,” Nasri says about the recording process of the record. Many of the tracks center around the long distance relationship the vocalist once had with his girlfriend, before they finally moved to the same city. “I saw life a lot differently. I remember them being gone on a trip to Germany, and I really missed them,” he says of his girlfriend and their son. “Sometimes we forget we don’t need much to be happy. The album is all about my relationship,” he adds.

With the band’s third studio release, we see them get more personal than ever. “When The Trust Is Gone,” is one of the most personal songs off the album according to Nasri. Track eleven, “Things You Say,” is a must-listen ballad that will melt even the iciest of hearts, and it’s a track Nasri is especially proud of. “It’s one of the best songs I’ve written,” he admits.

After 2014’s “Rude” music video hit nearly one billion YouTube views, you might think that MAGIC! feel like they have a lot to live up to, but they’re more interested in making meaningful music, than anything else! “You learn to take your blows,” says Nasri. The band took a different approach with Expectations, and for the first time, worked from separate studios, before then joining up as a band, which explains the extra even more personal touch from Nasri!

So what’s next for MAGIC!? The band kicks off an intimate Canadian tour in September, but don’t worry, they plan to make their way to the U.S. after that! Be sure to catch the band’s must-see video for “Kiss Me“, and listen to the full album!

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