Man is tricked into thinking a potted pickle was a cactus

We’ve all been had by the odd prank or two, but this man was well and truly done over by a joke his colleagues played on him.

In a Reddit post, which has now been liked over 84,000 times, user Starskins said: ‘A guy at my wife’s job still think that his new plant is a cactus. It’s actually a pickle that is replaced by a new one each 2 days… It’s been like that for 2 weeks now.’

It’s still unclear why they chose this particular prank, but the fact that he’s still none the wiser is incredible.

Here’s the offending green plant:

Thousands have commented on the Reddit post, with recommendations on what the employees should do next abounding.

One said: ‘When he is next to the pickle somebody could give it a bite, I would love to see his face.’

Another added to the evil: ‘Then replace it with a real cactus after a few days and see if he tries to take a bite of it, too.’

There was also plenty of discussion on how he hasn’t clocked the smell of vinegar from the pickle, while some shared how they’d been tricked with plant-based pranks:

A Redditor said, ‘My co-worker (over time) replaced live succulents in a large planter with nearly identical artificial ones. (There were around 6-8 different varieties.) The asshat let me go on for months watering them and commenting about how they didn’t seem to be growing, but somehow stayed so bright green and healthy-looking!’

We will, of course, update if/when the OP posts that the pickle has been discovered.

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