Man receives only one Christmas present – his January rent halved by landlord

A man was touched when his landlord gave him a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting.

Reddit user Chris revealed on the website that he hadn’t received any gifts during the festive period except from his landlord, who halved his January rent.

Chris wrote on the post: ‘Didn’t get any gifts for Christmas except from my landlord. He didn’t know I was struggling’.

The poster shared an image of the card he received from the homeowner, named Lee, and the goodwill message he left behind.

Lee wrote in the card: ‘Chris, I figured the best Santa gift for you would be taking off half the January rent. So just pay $440 at the end of this month.’

People reading the post were moved to tears.

One person wrote: ‘Nothing makes me cry and I have been called a robot before. I teared up. 

‘This hits close to home and is a huge gift to me.’

Another person said: ‘I don’t know your personal situation (referencing the gifts and struggles), but I’m glad to see a person in this world extend kindness like this to another; especially in these times. Happy holidays!’ 

One poster shared his own tale of a kind landlord, saying: ‘My old landlord did this for December rent so people could spend more on family. The guy was best landlord I had ever had since. Had a telephone pole fall on my house. He put me up in a hotel and $200 for food while the roof got repaired.’

Others were in disbelief that a landlord could offer their generosity.

One person wrote: ‘I personally find it crazy that a landlord would actually do this. I’m glad he did for you, of course!’

Last month, a similar goodwill gesture went viral on Reddit after residents of a subsidised housing block were given free postage stamps to mail their rent cheques.

However, people quickly criticised the gesture, thinking the residents were being offered ‘scraps’ by landlords who had the resources to reduce rent.

But, it was revealed that the move was offered by fellow residents, after pooling everyone’s resources together to offset a small burden.

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