Man slams Jet2 after onboard snack looked ‘more like contents of baby’s nappy’

A traveller has slammed holiday company Jet 2 after the onboard snack he received was compared to something out of a baby's nappy.

Dean Willis took a photograph of the food menu showing the cheese and tomato toastie that he thought he had ordered whilst on board his flight.

The £4.30 savoury was pictured cut in half with a "select blend of three cheeses with a hint of red onion and roasted tomatoes served in a toasted bloomer bread".

But he was horrified when his meal finally arrived and looked nothing like the menu.

Instead, Dean was left with a toastie which looked like it had exploded in the bag – with watery, mustard looking liquid seeping from it.

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Dean, from Derby, created a poster titled "Expectation vs Reality Food. Served by Jet2" with a photo of what he ordered and what he was given.

He tagged Jet2 in a social media post, which read: "So the other week I hopped on a plane to Spain, flying with & Jet2holidays.

"Over the speaker they announce that their toasties were half price.

"Greedy g*t over here was a little hungry so took them up on their offer.

"I got all excited because Apple Pay worked on the plane and I didn't have to break into my Euros.

"They then handed me my 'toastie'.

"It's not quite what I expected and the look of it reflected the taste. Needless to say, I'll be filling up beforehand next time."

Several disgusted viewers commented on the post, including several who posted pictures of babies' nappies.

It's not the first time the quality of Jet2's cheese toasties have raised eyebrows.

Last year, another Jet2 customer Andrew Hutchison took a photograph of his own Jet2 cheese toastie – looking nothing like what was advertised.

The 24-year-old from Fauldhouse, West Lothian was horrified when his meal arrived and looked like it had exploded in the microwave.

Jet 2 has been approached for comment.

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