‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Amber Portwood’s Ex Matt Admits He Was Raped In The 2nd Grade

During the April 20 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, the cast was asked to identify a traumatic event that negatively impacted them, and Matt’s was the most heartbreaking.

Matt Baier experienced a breakthrough during the April 20 episode of Marriage Boot Camp, when Dr. Ish and Dr. V asked the cast to identify a traumatic event that severely changed the course of their lives from that point forward. When the former Teen Mom OG star stood up in front of his cast-mates, he shared a story we definitely weren’t expecting to hear. While Amber Portwood addressed her own past struggles with drugs and prison time, her ex, Matt, dug deeper, saying he was raped by an authority figure when he was only in the second grade.

Before revealing his traumatic event, Matt asked Dr. Ish, “[Do] you really want to do this?” And to that, Dr. Ish replied, “I think you really have to do this,” meaning he wanted Matt to expose his darkest secret in order for him to move forward and “take the power” back from the “stuff that happened”. So what exactly did happen to Matt? He told the group, “I got raped when I was a child. I was in the second grade, and it was an authority figure.”

Immediately upon hearing his secret, Matt’s cast-mates felt “anger” and “rage” for him. Their hearts — like ours upon watching this — were broken. After the event, Matt said, “I went upstairs and sat in my closet until my dad got home. And I heard his key hit the door, so I ran downstairs and I told him, but I didn’t know how to explain what happened. I wanted my dad to beat him up, and he didn’t do that. I think he was drunk, honestly. We never talked about it again after that night,” before adding, “[My dad] left when I was 9, and interestingly, I found out my dad had two other kids I never knew about. I look back now, and I wish I would have told my mom.”

After sharing his story, Dr. Ish said, “We finally may be seeing the real Matt for the very first time. ” We commend Matt for his bravery. It must have taken a lot of courage to share that secret with the world. Even though we know he and Amber are no longer dating in real time, we certainly hope this helps their relationship moving forward on the show.

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