Meghan Markle being sued by sister over ‘smear campaign to save her own face’

Meghan Markle’s half-sister has said that she will sue her for “defamation” and “breach of privacy” after emails showed that the Duchess of Sussex helped brief the authors of royal exposé Finding Freedom.

Samantha Markle has claimed she is in talks with lawyers in both the US and the UK, and alleges Meghan “launched a smear campaign” against herself and her father Thomas Markle.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, she said: “It’s macabre that she resorted to all of this just to save her own face because she told the royals a bunch of porky pies.”

This follows the news that the Duchess of Sussex was forced to apologise in court after she had “forgotten” that she had cooperated with royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand after heavily briefing press spokesman Jason Knauf.

In emails to Knauf, the 40 year old included details relating to her half-sister, claiming that Samantha had profited on her royal relations by selling stories to the press.

“Upon Meghan dating Harry, Samantha changed her name back to Markle and began a career creating stories to sell to the press. She had lost custody of all three of her children from different fathers,” an email read.

Meghan also encouraged Knauf to tell Scobie and Durand that her siblings – Samantha and Thomas Jr – had “dropped out of high school” and that she had “never had a relationship with either of them”.

As a result, Samantha, who has not spoken to Meghan since her relationship with Prince Harry began, intends to sue the former Suits actress for breach of privacy in the UK and “defamation, libel and slander” in the US.

“I’m looking at suing for defamation in the US. In the UK, I’m looking at a breach of privacy and data privacy act breach because the statutory window for defamation is only one year in the UK,” the 57 year old said.

“Jason Knauf is subpoenable and the messages to [him] are evidence she was libelling and slandering me. Anything to keep this family quiet was my sister’s motto. It’s horrible.”

OK! has contacted Meghan's representative for comment.

Samantha also disputes a number of claims made by her half-sister.

“I’ve never lost custody of any children. She said I changed my name when she met Harry, but I shared my name-change documents long before,” she said.

She also added that they had a “normal family life” but that it was Meghan’s intention to “make us look estranged and separated to discredit us as that was an excuse to keep everybody away from the wedding”.

The Mail on Sunday is currently attempting to overturn a High Court ruling that it unlawfully breached Meghan’s privacy by publishing letters she’d written to her father.

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