Meghan Markle's Controversial Dad Had a Surprising Reaction to the Birth of Baby Sussex

According to my pushy grandmother, babies bring people together and everyone should have, them even if they’re definitely not ready. (Grandmas, am I right?) But does this logic hold true for now that Meghan Markle has given birth? Can the royal baby bring Meghan Markle’s problematic dad, Thomas Markle, and her equally offensive sister, Samantha Markle, back into the duchess’s good graces? 

Thomas weighed in on the birth on Monday morning, delivering a surprisingly kind and unambiguously good-willed statement: 

“I’m delighted to hear that mother and child are doing well,” he told The Sun, “I am proud that my new grandson is born into the British royal family and I am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace, dignity, and honor. God bless the child and I wish him health and happiness, and my congratulations to my lovely daughter Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, and God save the Queen.”

Earlier this year, Thomas leaked a handwritten note that Meghan had sent in which she begged him to please stop making a fuss in the press. Clearly, he didn’t listen (leaking the letter is literally the opposite of what she requested), and his relationship with his daughter has suffered because of it. 

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Samantha, who angled to capitalize off the timing of the royal baby birth by announcing that she would reveal a two-part memoir around the time of Meghan’s due date, has been all over the map when it comes to words directed at her baby half-sister. First, she called on Meghan to support their father through his health troubles; then she claimed Meghan was turning her back and would be responsible for Thomas’s death, should things take a turn for the worse; upon Meghan’s pregnancy announcement, she said she wished they could make amends for the sake of the baby; of course, that didn’t last long, and as of late she’s been back to smearing Meghan — even issuing the duchess a list of proposed New Year’s Resolutions that literally no one asked for. 

Despite Thomas’s endearing sentiment, we have a feeling any words Samantha has for her sister won’t be quite as sweet. 

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