Meghan Markle’s parenting will be ‘different’ with Lili from Archie: Lives to ‘change’

Lilibet Diana: Meghan and Harry 'took control' says expert

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor on June 4. She is the younger sister of Archie Harrison, who was born in 2019.

Having a newborn baby is not easy and adapting to their routines can take a bit of getting used to.

Co-Founders of Nini Baby Kevin and Suze Patel shared how the Sussexes lives will change now they are a family of four.

They told “Meghan’s, Harry’s and Archie’s lives will have been changed – in a wonderful way – upon the arrival of baby number two.”

They explained the routine is likely to change for both parents and Archie.

“Sleep will undoubtedly become a struggle in their home, both for Meghan and Harry as parents and quite probably Archie,” the expert continued.

“A baby’s cries are almost impossible to ignore and so Archie is likely to experience some sleep-routine hiccups, especially during the first few weeks.”

While things are sure to be different in the home of Meghan and Prince Harry, Kevin and Suze said there are some ways to balance parenting two young children.

Staggered bedtimes

While newborns do not have a sleep pattern straight away, the experts suggested syncing both children’s sleep when a pattern does start to form.

“Newborns don’t have structured ‘bedtime routines’, they’ll sleep as and when they need to throughout the day and night,” they stated.

“Meghan and Harry’s little girl will need lots of sleep during the first few weeks and months of her life and nap times are unlikely to follow a consistent pattern.

“At around the six month mark they’ll notice that their baby girl will slowly establish more of a regular sleep rhythm. Although, a general rule of thumb suggests that a baby will fall asleep roughly half an hour after having a feed.

“We would suggest that parents like Meghan and Harry feed Archie during this break and put Baby Sussex down afterwards. Then, get Archie ready for bed and to sleep within the next couple of hours – this will generally ease the process and help Archie get to sleep whilst the baby is more settled.”

Create fun

To help create a sleeping routine, Kevin and Suze added being active in the day helps ensure children are tired in the evening.

“The key to successfully managing a double bed-time routine is making sure your little ones are actually tired; they need enough stimulation to drift into a deep sleep,” they added.

“Similarly, it’s important that older siblings have fun time with their parents after welcoming a younger brother or sister.”

When creating fun, it will be important for the Sussexes to spend time with Archie but how they do this is likely to change with age.

They commented: “Meghan and Harry will need to spend one-on-one time with Archie and make sure he has enough playtime in the day. 

“We would suggest creating a fun toddler-area with games, toys and activities that’ll fuel his imagination.

“Of course, ‘independent play’ will take different forms depending on Archie’s age.

“As he’s now two, it’s best that someone is around whilst he’s playing – having an interactive corner will simply mean that he needs less engagement from a parent if they’re juggling two little ones at the same time.”

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