Meghan McCain makes emotional return to ‘The View’ following dad John McCain’s death

In an emotional return to TV on Monday, Meghan McCain recounted the hours and days after her father’s death, saying the late U.S. Sen. John McCain would have loved the tributes and memorials in his honor. 

McCain, a co-host of ABC’s “The View,” said she was honored her dad, who planned every detail of his services, chose her to eulogize him. During her fiery remembrance  at the Washington National Cathedral memorial service, she spoke of her father’s service to country, her memories of him as a father and his belief in American exceptionalism.

“I never really understood when I was growing up why he made me so tough,” Meghan said on the show.

“Almost to my detriment, I am so tough … and I realized he made me this tough so I would survive this. And because maybe he knew that there would be a time that he wouldn’t be here. … Really it is the only thing that is keeping me right now, is how tough he made me.”

“The View” posted snippets of Meghan’s return on Twitter early Monday. 

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