Melania Trump’s ‘Bizarre’ ’20/20′ Interview A Result Of Donald ‘Nearing A Breaking Point’

While on ’20/20′, Melania Trump tried justifying her ‘I Don’t Care’ jacket. A source close to Melania told HL EXCLUSIVELY why she changed her reason for wearing it.

In her recent interview on 20/20, Melania Trump claimed that she wore her now-infamous “I Don’t Care” jacket as a way to send a message to the “left wing media“. A source close to the first lady told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why she changed her story behind the jacket’s intended meaning. “Donald is seriously under fire and under pressure, and he’s nearing breaking point as the pressure piles on and the attacks continue,” our source said. “So Melania is doing what she does best in times like this — she’s rallying, and sticking by her husband’s side. Melania is attempting to publicly show unity with Donald, so she’s going along with the party line of the jacket being a message ‘to the Fake News media’ as he tweeted out at the time, in direct contradiction to the statement given by Melania’s own press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who insisted there was no ‘message’ at all, and that it was just ‘a jacket.’”

Not only did Melania contradict Grisham’s statement, she also seemingly walked back her own comments in the middle of the interview. “During her 20/20 interview last night, [Melania] ended up totally contradicting herself — insisting one minute that she wore the jacket ‘for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me,’ but then, the very next minute, claiming, ‘I would prefer that they would focus on what I do and on my initiatives than what I wear,’” our source went on to say. “Which is bizarre, seeing as she just claimed she wore it specifically to send a message to the people she’s claiming she doesn’t want to focus on what she’s wearing!”

However, at this point, Melania has become used to the scrutiny. “[W]hen you’re married to Donald, and you’re living in his White House, after a while nothing seems bizarre anymore, the truth really is elastic, and there really is such a thing as ‘alternative facts’,” our source added.

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