The Men Of ‘The Bold Type’: You’ll Get To ‘Know Us More’ As The Women Do In Season 2

‘The Bold Type’ season 2 is in full swing, and we’re obsessed HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Sam Page, Matt Ward, and Stephen Conrad Moore about the exploration of their characters ‘through the lens’ of the core trio.

At its core, The Bold Type focuses on Jane, Kat, and Sutton, but we love the men of The Bold Type, too! Sam Page, Matt Ward, and Stephen Conrad Moore play Richard, Alex, and Oliver on the hit Freeform series. They’re intertwined in the lives of the main three girls and Scarlet as a whole.

As the episodes have continued, we find ourselves wanting to learn more about them. So, will that happen in season two? Yes! Plus, they reveal that we’re going to see their characters interact with other characters than the ones we’re accustomed to see them with. Check out our interview below and see our exclusive portraits above in our gallery!

Are we going to peel back the layers of the men of The Bold Type?
Matt Ward: I think the most fascinating thing about the show is that you get to see this world — this high fashion magazine world — through the lens of these three women who are growing up in this world. I think I have heard things like they think Richard is mysterious, and Alex is so mysterious, but I actually kind of like that. You get to see everything through the lens of Kat, Jane, and Sutton.

Will we get to see the guys outside of work more?
Sam Page: Work leaves the office for sure. They are events and things that take place outside the publishing building. One thing about the show is like Matt was saying, you really only see the men of the show — Oliver is seen pretty much strictly through Sutton’s eyes, and I’m seen through Sutton’s eyes, and I have scenes with Katie [Stevens], Aisha [Dee], and Melora [Hardin], but you only see Richard through their eyes. There’s no montage of Oliver at home drinking a glass of wine listening to music with his dog.

Stephen Conrad Moore: I will say this, you will get to see more of Oliver, but it’s in the context of work. You do get to see my dog, but I bring him to work. I do get to interact not just with Sutton, but you get to see more of who I am in relationship to other people in the cast, which you didn’t get to see last season.

Sam Page: As the women of the show are getting to know us more, the audience does.

Now that Sutton really chose her career in this fashion world, is Oliver going to be the mentor for her that Jacqueline is for Jane?
Stephen Conrad Moore: Yeah, I think that’s been part of the goal. Oliver has set out to be a mentor in a different type of way, to have a protege that he can inspire who will go off and do wonderful things as well. I think he’s a different type of mentor than Jacqueline. I think he is a man of we have to get things done, we’re the school of hard knocks, and you’re going to learn the way that I learned as well. I’m going to be there, and you’re not going to fail. You’re going to see that relationship develop a bit more. The mentorship has more colors, I guess you could say. Not just to her. I think the mentorship and the advice does find its way eventually. We are on a team together. She’s someone that I’ve chosen. I do get to hopefully impart some words of wisdom at some point about how to handle all of this.

With Sutton now being single, will she and Alex be navigating this post-relationship friendship? Could a relationship still be in the cards?
Matt Ward: I think the most interesting thing with anybody is how you navigate after you’ve violated the friendship pact, how you get back to normal. It will be fascinating to see how fans take that in. I think, in my opinion, Alex and Sutton’s relationship always ran deep. It was always rooted in fun playfulness. I think chemistry is chemistry. If you have fun with somebody its not going to be awkward.

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