Mercury Retrograde: How will your horoscope react to ‘full backward spin’ – What can each

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Mercury Retrograde has a terrible reputation, however, some horoscope experts suggest this event is more than a little misunderstood. Eva White, a psychic, spiritualist and healer from, believes Mercury Retrograde is no time for taking things too personally if you wish to avoid meltdowns and misconstrued intentions.

She told “Mercury governs communication, travel, and technology.

“It impacts the way we communicate with ourselves and how we process what we hear from others.

“This Retrograde has the potential to twist all things communication and transmission and we can expect decision-making skills to be jumbled, discouraging miscommunications, travel mishaps, and technological meltdowns.

“Will you be able to escape this period unfazed?”

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

Saturday, January 30, finds Mercury stationing Retrograde until Saturday, February 20.

Retrograde occurs when a planet, such as Mercury, appears from Earth’s perspective to reverse direction.

This is due to an optical illusion caused by discrepancies in orbits.

Mercury is the planet believed to rule communication, meaning it is associated with a tendency to trigger misunderstandings, scheduling problems and differences of option with loved ones. horoscope expert Eva White believes each star sign can be affected differently by Mercury Retrograde.

They should consequently follow their astrology chart to benefit, as well as taking extra care during the Retrograde cycle.

Ms White said: “This cycle takes place between three and four times a year, for about three weeks at a time.

“Due to the frequency of Mercury Retrograde, it has caused many people to buzz about its impacts and what to watch out for during this time based on astrology.”


It is important to be mindful of your friends and your social environment during this time, Aries.

Ms White said: “There may be miscommunication that arises or a lack of support offered toward you.

“However, aim to be patient and offer support toward one other, and you will be offered with the same efforts in return.

“Expect to receive new information about goals, dreams, and wishes. It is time for a fresh, new perspective, Aries!”


This is a time to be aware and focused on your career, Taurus.

Ms White said: “You can also expect to clear any past conflicts during this time.

“Aim to put more energy into public figures or co-workers with higher authority.

“Be thoughtful with all communication and where you invest your energy.”


Retrograde is a good time to take the next step towards going back to school to peruse higher education.

Ms White said: “However, be aware of miscommunication or delay in studies, as well as delays in travel abroad.

“Just be patient at this time, and do not give up on your plans to continue towards your expansion in knowledge and wisdom.”


The horoscope expert believes the Mercury Retrograde period is a time of financial focus for Cancer.

She said: “Be aware of delays in transactions, such as taxes, shared income, or shared investment.

“Loan delays or delays in income are also possible. It is important to be diligent.

“The delays have the potential to last until early March.


Mercury Retrograde can reportedly bring-up issues with partnerships for Leo.

Ms White said: “You may be dealing with legal matters and open enemies right now.

“Expect people from the past to reappear to you in all aspects. Engaging in new partnerships is not ideal at this time. This goes for love, as well as business.

“It is a good time to clear up issues with partnerships from your past to move forward with a fresh start.”


Now is currently an important period to be aware of health and career, accordingly to the horoscope expert.

She said: “This means physical, as well as mental and emotional.

“If you are feeling mentally exhausted or overwhelmed, take some time to recover. Also, be careful with accidents at work caused by carelessness.

“It is a great time to establish a steady health and fitness routine.”


This is a time that sparks exciting and fun new ventures with family and home, Libra.

Ms White said: “Mercury enhances creativity, focus on children/pregnancy, as well as enhanced focus on personal hobbies/goals.

“Be aware of delays or disagreements with baby or fertility talks or adoption since Mercury can get interfere with communication.”


Your focus is currently on family and home investment, but it seems that no one is on the same page as you.

Ms White said: “You might feel frustrated due to your family lacking to see or validate your efforts.

“On another note, at this time you should refrain from buying or selling.

“You can expect to be hearing more from or reconnecting with your distant family members, as Mercury is the ruler of communication.”


“The want to communicate is heightened for you through the rest of January.”

However Ms White thinks you may feel no one is listening during Mercury Retrograde.

She said: “You yearn to exchange conversation about how you think and feel.

“This can lead to argumentative conversations if you are not careful, Sagittarius.

“Anticipate delays in short distance travel and increases in social activity after February 20.”


Eva White suspect Capricorn is mostly focused on money during Mercury Retrograde season.

She said: “It is time to take a deep look at your finances. Focus your attention on budgeting and what you are spending your money on.

“Money is coming in but does not seem to be noticed or making a difference monthly.

“This is a good time to make sure that finances are intact and keep track of spending.”


It is time to focus on you, Aquarius! It is a new year, which calls for a new you and new intentions.

Ms White said: “You have been spending a lot of time on self-reflection.

“Typically, you have not had time to think about how your feelings, nor have you had time to keep up your appearance.

“Mercury pushes you to become more attuned to your physical body needs, but you may feel insecure about how others view you.”


As Mercury enters retrograde, things like trauma and secrets will be revealed.

Ms White said: “This goes for things you are cooped up feelings inside, as well as things hidden from you.

“Be prepared for the truth to come out this month. This will be a time of healing. Information that has been withheld will come to you.

“You will be doing a lot of reflecting on things from the past. After addressing trauma, you will experience great healing and feel liberated.

“This is a time of being aware of how all things affect you.”

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