Michael Jordan’s Most Expensive Buys, Ranked

It really only stands to reason that the man honored with a nickname “Greatest of All Time (GOAT)” should have the greatest collections of the things that bring him so much joy. To call Michael Jordan’s collections of watches, vehicles, mansions, and yachts “impressive” or “great” is really the greatest understatement of all time. Let’s take a peek at how this basketball legend spends some of his reported $1.6 billion fortune.

5 Watches With The “Wow” Factor – Much More Than $500,000

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Jordan fans know that the GOAT loves his watches. In fact, it’s difficult to find photos of Jordan wearing the same watch twice. He’s been known to harbor a mind-blowing collection of Rolex watches, but the former basketball star also loves unique timepieces. According to GQ, one such item is a Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli which has many special features such as a skeleton dial and a band which has been crafted out of tires from cars that have won Formula 1 races. It would appear that Jordan has not just expensive taste but sentimental taste as well.

According to Man of Many, Jordan also owns a Urwerk UR-202 made of white gold and adorned with sapphire crystals as well as an A. Lange & Söhne Datograph.

Trying to estimate the worth of Jordan’s extensive watch collection is tough because he has so many! For a point of reference, Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli watches go for $73,000 to $321,500 and higher. Rolex watches typically cost around $5,000. Jordan’s Urwerk UR-202 has been estimated at $145,000 and his A. Lange & Söhne Datograph is probably worth over $90,000. These watches alone add up to well over $500,000 and keep in mind, these are just a few watches that we know about in his amazing collection!

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4 An Impressive Car Collection – Could Be Well Beyond $5 Million


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Jordan is well-known for his fine taste in automobiles. According to Dexerto.com, we probably won’t ever know the contents of Jordan’s entire fleet but some of the cars that he’s known to have include a Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT, and Ford GT. Like his love for Rolex watches, Jordan apparently has a slew of Ferrarris and Lamborghinis stashed in his garage as well. His “confirmed” fleet is valued at just under $2,500,000 but  it’s safe to say that the actual value is probably well beyond $5 million thanks to the plentiful rumors about the other unique and expensive cars that Jordan keeps adding to his already incredible collection.

3 Mansions Galore! – Well Over $12 Million

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Owning one mansion is a dream for many and one that rarely becomes realized. But when you’re Michael Jordan, one mansion is not enough. Man of Many says that Jordan owns several, with his custom-built compound in Chicago’s Highland Park being near the top of the list. This is Jordan’s most famous abode, the one with “23” emblazoned on wrought-iron gates. The compound is so well-known by fans that it’s “customary” for super-fans to get a photo snapped in front of the legendary gates. The massive home features 19 bathrooms and a cigar and card room just to name a few of the extraordinary luxuries. But the basketball superstar also owns a Salt Lake City, Utah home with breathtaking views, a lakefront property and a luxury condo in Charlotte, North Carolina (to keep a close eye on those Hornets!), and then there’s the property in Jordan’s beloved state of Florida. Word has it that MJ adores Florida and just had to have a 26,000 square foot property in Jupiter which gives him walking access to the exclusive Bear’s Club golf club, allowing him to indulge in what is perhaps his second favorite sport.

2 Super Yachts – $80 Million Plus

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Some superstars get fancy pets with funny names. But Jordan decided to get a 230 feet long super yacht and name “him” Mr. Terrible. According to Home of Playmakers, the epic ballplayer dropped $80 million to purchase the mammoth yacht. This is the purchase that keeps on costing because every time Jordan takes Mr. Terrible out, he needs to shell out $840,000 per week to keep Mr. Terrible running smoothly. Apparently, he liked sea life enough to buy another water craft because he also purchased an 80-foot Viking Yacht Company fishing boat.

1 Charlotte Hornets – $175 Million

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Any true Jordan fan knows that the basketball legend loves to place bets. He’s been known to toss hundreds of thousands of dollars (according to Charles Barkley as told to Dan Patrick in an exclusive interview) away on a casual golf game with friends or a session of shooting hoops for fun. Buying a sports team is a venture that some may consider risky but when Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets basketball team in 2010 for a whopping $175 million, he hit the jackpot! Four short years later, Jordan officially joined the Billionaire Club largely thanks to the Hornets. According to Business Insider, the team is now worth $1.5 billion and though Jordan reportedly sold a minor share of his 97 percent interest in the Hornets in 2019, he is still the majority owner with no plans to say goodbye to his sweet investment anytime soon. He reportedly loves being an owner and once stated that winning a championship as an owner would be more gratifying than winning as a player. Hornet pride!

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