Miley Cyrus shares touching love letter to husband Liam Hemsworth on his birthday

Miley Cyrus wished her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, a happy birthday in the sweetest way possible on Sunday.

For Hemsworth’s 29th birthday, Cyrus shared an emotional love letter, listing her favorite things about him on her Instagram page.

‘L, HBD [Happy Birthday] to my #1…When we met you were 19, Today, you are 29…I thought I could share some of my favorite things about my favorite dude in honor of this very special day,” Cyrus captioned her post.

HBD 2 Da Hubz

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Among the qualities Cyrus listed include: “The way you look at me,” “The look on your face when you receive good news and how you look AT the bad news” and “The way you look at the ocean and the way you always take your time.”

“I love laying in bed late at night looking for new recipes, only going to sleep so we can wake up and make breakfast together while having a hot cup of coffee together,” she continued. “I love taking long drives, sometimes going nowhere. I love how you’ll sit and listen to me pluck out a new tune on the guitar for hour…”

“I love how you learn and grow. I love writing songs about you on the piano,” she added. “I love how you let ME be ME.”

Along with the passionate note, she also shared another post for her husband, featuring him dancing to music.

HBD @liamhemsworth ??

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She added another snap of the couple from 2009.

The duo met that year while filming Nicholas Sparks’ romance, “The Last Song.”

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Cyrus and Hemsworth married in December 2018 after knowing each other for 10 years.

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