Model makes fortune selling pregnancy pics to men – & doesnt even show her face

A model has revealed that she's making thousands selling her pregnancy pictures and videos to men on OnlyFans.

And what's better is that she doesn't even show her face – meaning she can keep her career a secret from most people.

The model, known as Daisy, opened up about her unusual career exclusively to Daily Star as she admitted she fell into posting pregnancy content.

She explained: "I started my OnlyFans during the pandemic but then found out a month in that I was pregnant.

"I thought I'd have to quit as no one would want to see it, so I posted one picture and told my fans I was quitting.

"I got so much positive feedback though – so many guys said it was amazing and asked me to keep doing it, so I did. It actually helped me get even more subscribers than I had before."

The model admits she's made "life-changing money" on the site so far – with her raking in $11,000 (£8,000) in her first month alone.

She says this has benefited not only her, but her family too who she helps out financially.

As well as being a good money making avenue, Daisy admits the account has helped her feel sexy during her pregnancy.

She added: "I did not feel great at all during my first pregnancy and was miserable.

"However, I did the OnlyFans account with my second pregnancy and it helped me to feel sexy – something that probably wouldn't have happened without it.

And what kind of content does she post?

Daisy admits to posting nude pictures, however she never shows her face publicly.

She has revealed her face to fans privately, for a price, however she'll remain fully clothed in the photos where her identity is revealed so the two aren't combined.

Daisy commented: "If someone wants to pay $100 (£76) for selfie, fully clothed, I do that.

"I've sold around 400-500 of those.

"I just don't tie it in with the nudity, though."

As well as nude photos, Daisy says people often want to see her show her stretch marks and rub lotion in her belly, as well as hear about the struggles of pregnancy.

"They want to know if I have heartburn or how much weight I've gained," she said.

"They like to hear about any cramps or struggles, that's really popular.

"One of my top videos I'm fully dressed and just talking about that, like how much weight I've gained and how uncomfortable I am."

And why does she think men are so interested in her pregnancy content?

"I think it's biological as men are made to want to re-produce," she said.

"It's also a curiosity thing as pregnancy is not usually seen as a super-sexual topic, so it's intriguing to them.

"60% of my fanbase say they had no idea they'd be attracted to pregnancy, it's a new thing.

"I just think it's part of of our DNA."

Although she's no longer pregnant, Daisy still often shares content from when she was and is planning to get pregnant again in the next 2-3 months, so fans can look forward to a lot of new content from the model.

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