Model who almost lost home after getting fired from job earns £10k from OnlyFans

A woman has opened up about her saucy venture on OnlyFans after losing her job at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Grace Taylor, 28, turned to the kinky site when she got fired from her role as a telecoms project manager back in 2020.

Although she almost lost her house, the bombshell, from Sussex, turned her life around earning £10,000 per month selling nudes.

It all worked out when she saw an advert on Instagram for a company called Studio 66 who were recruiting webcam models.

Despite having heard stories in the news of girls earning over six figures from similar endeavours, Grace was skeptical.

But she decided to sign up to her first live show where she earned £350 in just two hours by stripping off and talking dirty to men.

Even though she's doing well for herself now, things could have become terrifying for Grace.

After her company decided to let her go, she feared it would be difficult to afford the car and home she had just bought.

She immediately contacted Studio 66 after struggling to find any jobs, apart from part-time roles in her local supermarket.

Grace also started her OnlyFans page where she posts nudes of herself to subscribers who pay £7 per month.

Now she earns over £10,000 per month, compared to the £30,000 salary she took home each year.

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With her earnings, Grace has treated herself to a £60,000 Jaguar F-Type.

She also spent £15,000 on a variety of cosmetic procedures, including 1260cc implants, Botox injections and veneers.

The biggest challenge she's had to face was telling her family about her work.

But despite that, the self-proclaimed "bimbo" says she's proud of the entrepreneurial spirit she has shown in the face of adversity.

And since her huge career change, Grace believes she wouldn't change a thing.

She admitted: "In the beginning, I lied to my mum about what I was doing as I was worried about how she would react.

"She looked a little shocked and confused, but she's not an idiot.

"Ultimately, she was incredibly supportive and totally understood where I was coming from.

"It's a difficult job as no ones going to give me a pat on the back and say well done.

"I just want to have a better life, secure my future and maybe one day my family's if I'm able to."

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