Moment street fighters batter each other with cricket bats and crates in wild west-style brawl

A SHOCKING video shows a “Wild West” style brawl in the middle of the street as rivals use cricket bats and crates to batter each other.

The dramatic incident is thought to have unfolded last night in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Combatants were seen fighting each other outside a supermarket on a residential street with a variety of weapons, as onlookers watched in horror.

As the clip begins, a man filming the chaos can be heard muttering something about the brawlers “shanking” each other.

People can be heard screaming loudly as a group of men rain blows down on one another.


The camera pans in to reveal a woman wielding a cricket bat as two groups of men battle each other in the road.

Suddenly, one of the men volleys a wooden plank at another man who is sent flying backwards with the impact.

Another man then rushes in with a long pole and begins using it to beat another man as a woman attempts vainly to shove him off.

A man in a red top then enters the fray carrying another pole, as he approaches the fight the shattering of glass echoes across the street.

The group continue to brawl as horrified women scream in the background.

Another clip shows the violence escalating outside a supermarket.

The man in red is seen whacking another man across the back with the pole, sending him sprawling into the street.

Another attacker then appears and uses a crate to smack the victim repeatedly.

As the clip ends, the face off shows no sign of abating despite the attempts of a woman in a dressing gown to calm the situation.


Footage of the disturbing scene was shared by a local community page, Luton Keeping Safe who posted it with the caption: "Horrific scenes that look like the Wild West.

"Some viewers may find disturbing."

The clip prompted disgust from residents.

Winston Duker wrote: “I really hope the Police attended and made several arrests.

Wherever these guys are.”

Mark Shaw added: “This is why covid is high in Luton people have no respect.”

Lisa Herber commented: "The bravest one was the lady in the dressing gown ffs, what a mess."

And Monika Oravcoa said: “Omg what was it about? I hope the police came to sort them out!”

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