Monica Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Are Embroiled In Another Scandal

Monica Lewinsky is not here for your 90s Era sexist bulls**t.

The activist and TV personality is putting a high profile magazine on blast after she was uninvited to an event because Bill Clinton decided to attend. Just to recap for any kiddos not alive during President Bill Clinton’s time in office, Lewinsky was embroiled in one of the worst scandals to ever hit the White House — well, at least before Trump was elected.

As an intern and later employee of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs from 1995-1997, Lewinsky spent a good amount of time around then President Clinton. During the time she worked at the White House, Lewinsky engaged in a sexual relationship with the president. Of course, this was before the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements when women were still blamed for the actions of more powerful men, so while Clinton was eventually impeached for engaging in sexual acts in the Oval Office, it was Lewinsky who shouldered most of the bad press. She was labeled a home-wrecker, a sl*t, and plenty of other unsavory and, frankly, unoriginal labels following the scandal while Clinton went on to write a book about his time in office and create a foundation in his name.

Fast-forward to a few years ago when Lewinsky penned an essay for Vanity Fair, addressing the very public affair, expressing her regret, and then sharing her own terrible experiences with cyber-bullying. She became a sort of champion for those who’ve been trolled or attacked online and she’s used her platform to campaign for kindness, serving as an ambassador for anti-bullying organizations and giving TED Talks.

Which is why Lewinsky was invited, reportedly by Town & Country, to the mag’s annual philanthropy summit in New York City. Well, she was invited, until Bill Clinton decided to RSVP to the same event.

Lewinsky shared a series of tweets where she addressed the snub. The activist was careful to not name names (thought HuffPost is reporting that Town & Country was the publication in question) but she made sure to let the world know she was not okay with being blacklisted from the event simply because a man she had a sexual relationship with over 20 years ago was also attending.

What’s worse? It seems that the magazine offered to smooth the situation over by offering Lewinsky a spot on their upcoming issue as if some publicity and a sweet spread would make up for this kind of sexist insult.

It’s 2018 people. Let’s try to treat women like actual human beings and not some unseemly dirt we’re trying to sweep under the rug.

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