'Moon Knight': Crawley, the Gold Statue Man Is Way More Important Than You Think

Marvel’s Moon Knight might not be as big as Spider-Man or Doctor Strange, which means Easter eggs and hints can slip past fans. And that’s just what happened when the Moon Knight cast credits scrolled by listing Shaun Scott as ‘Crawley.’ In Moon Knight Episode 1, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) chats with a street performer painted like a gold statue. Marvel Comics fans might recognize the Moon Knight character as Bertrand Crawley. And he has a lot more importance than you might think.

Who is street performer Crawley in Marvel Comics ‘Moon Knight’?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Oscar Isaac has already played three personalities in the Moon Knight show: mild-mannered Steven Grant, mercenary Marc Spector, and the Fist of Khonshu Moon Knight.

However, the character has several more personas, including one of the most prominent, Jake Lockley. While Steven Grant allows the hero access to high-end affairs, Lockley investigates on a street level.

In episode 1, Steven Grant talks about his troubles with brief love interest Dylan (Saffron Hocking) with a golden statue man street performer. And in the end credits, the Moon Knight TV series revealed the man’s name to be Crawley (Shaun Scott). 

In Moon Knight comics, Crawley first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #28 in 1976. Readers met him as a homeless man and friend of the Jake Lockley persona. He comes with several quirks, like reusing the same tea bag for weeks. However, he is not at all that he seems in Marvel Comics.

Bertrand Crawley speaks with sophisticated words and proved himself invaluable at gathering information. However, while he aids the superhero side of the Marvel Universe, his private life holds a lot of tragedy.

The tragic past of Bertrand Crawley in ‘Moon Knight’

Before he ever met Moon Knight, Crawley had a family, a career, everything someone could want. However, his alcoholism drove a rift between him and his wife. They split shortly after the birth of his son, Jimmy. How much of this could appear with the Oscar Isaac version of the character is still unknown. However, the connection could lead to a perfect starter villain.

Jimmy Crawley would become a street-level villain known as the Slasher, one of the first Moon Knight villains ever.

The Slasher prowled the streets as a serial killer preying on homeless people. And his third victim could have been Crawley if Moon Knight had not intervened.

While the Slasher only appeared very briefly, that has not stopped Marvel. Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) only ever appeared in one comic, and now he stands as one of the main villains for the Disney+ series.

Could the Marvel Comics character hint at Jake Lockley appearing in the Disney+ show?

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Oscar Isaac have both talked about how the Disney+ Moon Knight series dives into his mental illness. Moon Knight deals with dissociative identity disorder and ever-increasing personalities.

And with Crawley debuting in Moon Knight Episode 1, fans wonder if they could see Jake Lockley join Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

Arthur Harrow has already proved to have minions planted everywhere. Moon Knight could use a street-level informant like Crawley.

Fans can watch new episodes of Moon Knight each Wednesday on Disney+.

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