Morrisons is giving away 50,000 FREE books to families – how to get one

MORRISONS has launched a book donation scheme and is giving away 50,000 copies of the store's own new book.

The book is called "Cedric the Seed" and it will be distributed nationwide to local community groups and schools.

You'll be able to pick up a copy of the new book when it starts popping up inyour child's school or local youth group as Morrisons Community Champions group is sending the free copies to encourage children's reading.

The book was written for Morrisons by Danielle Corrigan with the story's inspiration coming from the pandemic.

Morrisons has also launched a book donation and exchange station called the little library where children, teenagers and parents can take home any of the books available for free.

The stations will be popping up from this week and you can find your local Morrisons with the store locator to go grab one of the free books.

How to get your hands on FREE kids’ books

There are lots of other ways to get children reading on little or no budget – here’s how to claim free kids’ books as spotted on MoneySavingExpert:

  • Audible has a whole range of kids' audiobooks that you can download for free – you don't have to sign up and you can just choose what you want and stream it.
  • The Little Free Library project is a community book exchange where anyone can leave or borrow a book in the tiny hutch-sized libraries found outside people's houses or in playgrounds or bus shelters across the UK.
  • Amazon has loads of classic Kindle books that are always free, from Black Beauty to The Jungle Book. You just have to check what's on the list of free classics.
  • Apple Books also has a "free books" section you just have to make sure you have the app downloaded if you have an apple product and search for the section to claim.
  • Your local Library will have a massive collection of books that you can rent out for free – you won't be able to keep these indefinitely though as they'll have a return date but you can always keep checking out the same book if you just can't get enough.
  • World Book Day tokens can be used to exchange for a free book in supermarkets. Your child's school will dish these out but you can only claim the freebies once a year.

David Potts, Morrisons CEO, said: “We know that our younger customers love reading but some may not have access to books of their own.

"That’s why we’re launching the Morrisons little library – so every child has the chance to enjoy reading and brighten their future.”

Other supermarkets have run similar schemes in the past to encourage kids to get reading.

In line with world book day this year, Tesco was offering free books if you had a world book day token.

The deal included picture books as well as kid's fiction from famous authors like Tom Fletcher, and if you didn't have the token to exchange, the books were only £1 – so still a bargain on children's literature.

The deal ended before April so at the moment Morrisons is the only supermarket offering a scheme like this.

The store also gave away over 2.5 million packets of sunflower seeds to customers last month, as part of a campaign to get Brits growing at home.

And Morrisons also donated half a million postcards for people to send messages to their loved ones who they haven’t been able to see due to lockdown.

You can find out when Morrisons is open to take advantage of the donation scheme with our handy round-up.

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