Mother is gifted replica of engagement ring she sold to pay the bills

Heartwarming moment a mother who sold her engagement ring when her children were young to ‘pay the bills’ is gifted a replica by her daughter for Christmas

  • Kim Rowell, from London, surprised her mother with a replica engagement ring
  • Posting on Twitter, she explained her mother sold her first ring to pay for bills 
  • Responses to the post saw people share sacrifices made by their own parents 

A mother who sold her engagement ring to cover the cost of bills when her children were young was surprised by her daughter with a replica of the original on Christmas Day.

Posting on Twitter, Kim Rowell, who lives in London, revealed her mum Denise Tarry was forced to sell her precious band when she was a child because she was short of cash.

A heartwarming video captured the moment Denise opened the box containing the new ring and tearfully placed it on her finger.

Kim’s captioned her clips, which racked up over 30,000 likes: ‘My mum had to sell her engagement ring to pay our bills when I was a kid – today we gave her a replacement.’

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Kim Rowell surprised her mother Denise (pictured) with a replica of the engagement ring she sold to pay the bills 

A heartwarming video shows Kim’s mother Denise (pictured) opening a package that continued to get smaller before discovering the ring 

Kim’s mother can be heard in the clip gushing about the similarities of the ring to her original engagement one.

Touched by the act of kindness, one person wrote: ‘This is beautiful. But most of all, your mum, like so many mums (including mine) is a hero. Many mums up and down the country right now are giving up all they have or treasure for their children. Let’s make sure mums don’t have to do this in future. Give them dignity.’

‘Crying along with your mum. That was a lovely thing to do. Despite the fact you like many of us were struggling financially growing up, she obviously did a good job as a parent for you to do something like this as an adult. Really lovely,’ another said.

A third added: ‘Amazing, nice to see a story that really reflects the majority of us normal people, I’m always embarrassed about how lavish people are and feel useless but the things from the heart are the best. Bravo.’

BBC producer Kim (pictured right) racked up over 33,000 likes for the video of Denise’s (pictured left) reaction to being given a replica engagement ring on Christmas Day

A stream of responses to the post gushed about being able to relate to the sacrifices Kim’s mother made 

Others began sharing stories about the sacrifices their own parents made when they were growing up.

‘Tears seeing this. My single mother sold her beloved typewriter (bank prize for opening most new accounts) to pay for my five-year-old birthday and Christmas. What a beautiful thing to do for your mother. So moved on your and her behalf,’ one person wrote.

Another said: ‘My mum sold a rare Beatles collection she had when I was a kid to make ends meet. It was an honour to buy the exact same collection back for her Christmas present around 10 years ago. She cried and said she didn’t deserve it.’

Another added: ‘This resonates with me, I once heartbreakingly sold my wedding ring and watch to get enough money to pay bills. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for your family. A lovely video. A lovely gesture.’ 

Many others revealed their mothers sold jewellery and rare belongings to cover the cost of expenses during their childhood 

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