Mother shocked as daughter holds up middle finger during nativity

That’s not very holy! Girl, 4, flips the bird while playing Mary in her first school nativity while trying to show her mother her injured finger

  • Daisy Parry-Griffiths, now six, was cast as Mary in her first nativity play in 2018
  • She hurt her finger earlier in the day and tried to show her plaster to mother Kizzi
  • However, it looked like the schoolgirl was making a rude gesture during the play
  • Kizzi said her daughter had no idea that what she had done was a rude gesture 

A mother was left shocked when her daughter, playing Mother Mary, stuck up her middle finger in her first ever school nativity to try and show her mother her injured finger.

Daisy Parry-Griffiths, four, raised her middle finger to try and show her mother Kizzi, 25, from Swansea, Wales, while her classmates were busy singing.

Pictures show Daisy sat in the centre of the stage dressed in her blue Mary costume staring at the camera with her middle finger raised. 

Unaware of what she has done, another picture shows Daisy sitting grinning while looking towards Kizzi.

Daisy Parry-Griffiths (pictured aged four, in 2018) from Swansea, Wales, held up her middle finger during her very first nativity, while playing the role of Mary

Mother Kizzi (left) was left shocked when she spotted her daughter holding her middle finger in the air while classmates were busy singing around her

Kizzi said she ‘panicked’ when she saw Daisy’s accidentally rude gesture but said her daughter had no idea that what she had done was cheeky.

She said: ‘I look forward to the school’s nativity each year to see what she’s going to come up with next.

‘It was her first nativity as well and when she got the role of Mary I was so excited for her. Then that happened.

‘We sat down. She was Mary. They were all singing along, and all of a sudden she starts looking at me and putting her middle finger up.

It turns out that Daisy had injured her finger earlier in the day and was trying to show off her plaster to her mother who was sat in the crowd

‘I was looking around thinking: ‘Is everyone seeing what I’m seeing?’. She’s such a good child. It’s not like she’s known for swearing or anything like that.

‘I was looking around thinking, ‘what’s going on?’. It wasn’t until the end when I collected her that she said when she got into school she had hurt her finger and they had put a plaster on it. 

It was only after Kizzi found Daisy after the performance that she realised her daughter’s middle finger was hurting and that she was trying to show off a plaster. 

When she had found out the reason behind her daughter’s gesture, Kizzi messaged the school’s WhatsApp group to explain and got laughs from other parents.

Kizzi only realised why Daisy had held her finger up after the play when she met back up with her

Unaware that the gesture she had made was rude, Daisy was seen grinning on stage shortly after lowering her finger

Kizzi said: ‘I did a quick message to the parents on the WhatsApp group explaining what she was doing. Someone said, ‘do you know what, I was wondering what she was doing’.

‘I think everyone was thinking, ‘is she actually [swearing]?’. But yeah, it was just a plaster. It was on her middle finger.

‘I think she was holding it up for quite a while. It wasn’t just a second or so and a chance photograph that I caught. It was actually her swearing at me.

‘I didn’t have a clue about what was going on. I was panicking a little bit and I didn’t see the funny side because I didn’t know what she was doing.

Kizzi said that she sent a message to her school’s WhatsApp group to explain and that other parents had found it funny

Daisy’s performance also left relatives laughing, with family members captioning the picture ‘when Santa forgets one of your presents’

‘When a child comes out with something new you’re like, ‘oh god, here we go’. The fact that she was centre stage in the school hall, I was just thinking, ‘what’s going on?’.

‘That sigh of relief when she told me what happened, it was like, ‘oh lovely’. She’s a funny girl.’

Daisy’s starring role in the December 2018 school performance left her family laughing too, with relatives captioning the photo ‘when Santa forgets one of your presents’ and ‘when Joseph won’t change the nappy’. 

Kizzi claims her daughter had no idea that she was swearing and, after showing her the photo again this year, Daisy, now six, was embarrassed about her younger self’s innocent mistake.

In another hilarious nativity incident, Daisy slipped down inside her sheep costume, leaving her face hidden by the body of the costume

Kizzi said that Daisy has not been re-cast as Mary in a nativity play in the years following the accidental gesture

But it’s not the only mischief she has got up to in a school play, after sitting down in her sheep’s costume last year and the whole outfit riding up – leaving the little girl’s face covered by the fabric.

Personal assistant Kizzi said: ‘It’s hilarious, the things she does. The next year she was a sheep and so I joked to the family that she had been demoted from Mary after the swearing incident.

‘Then she was sitting with the sheep’s head on, and it had the face cut out for her face to go through, and she sat down and the hole was above her head so you can’t see her face at all.

‘She was sitting inside the sheep’s costume. It’s all little stuff like that. Light-hearted fun, especially at Christmas.

‘My daughter is quite shy. She’s a bit quirky, but she’s shy. I like it when she does stuff like this.’

She also said that her daughter was not cast as Mary again after her nativity debut. 

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