Mrs Hinch wears £8 firming and sculpting chin mask before glamorous photoshoot – and we put it to the test

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We’re so used to seeing Mrs Hinch looking glamorous that we barely recognised her in a recent Instagram story she posted. Mainly because she was wearing a bright green chin mask.

Oh yes, a chin mask. They’re a thing now – in case you haven’t been told. And we don’t just mean one of those strange-looking ski mask styles that somehow keep turning up in your suggested section on Amazon. We’re talking about one with a few more beauty benefits; Wishful Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask, £8 here.

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Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, rather glamorously shared a snap of herself sporting the Wishful mask right before heading off to star in the front cover photoshoot for her new book, This is Me, which is due out in October.

“Sorry to scare you all but…doing as I’m told and I’ve put on this skin and chin mask,” the star captioned the shot.

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The reason she may have been advised to give this chin mask a go is because it claims to reduce puffiness under the chin, promote lymphatic drainage and give the jawline a more lifted appearance. It can apparently do this because the formula uses structure-building and firming peptides.

The chin mask – also known as a “face bra” – needs to be worn for about 20-30 minutes, and while you’re wearing it you may as well copy Mrs Hinch’s great idea and apply a sheet mask for your complexion underneath it.

But sadly what the Queen of Clean didn’t show us were the results. So we had our OK! beauty writer Zoe slip on this exact mask to find out if it does in fact lift and firm…

Zoe says:

I’ve tested some odd beauty things over the years, but at no point did I think I’d be sticking on a vivid green chin mask and attaching it to my ears before sharing the look with the internet. But here I am.

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It’s very easy to use once you read the instructions. You just peel off the plastic backing, like you would for any regular sheet mask, then put the sticky side on your skin. It’s easiest if you stick it under your chin first before pulling it over your ears – as opposed to pulling it over your ears first.

Then you leave it on for 20-30 minutes and try to ignore how ridiculous you look. Luckily it feels quite comfortable to wear, and the sticky side is coated with cooling and hydrating skincare ingredients.

According to Wishful – which, by the way, was created by Huda Kattan, the owner of cult make-up brand Huda Beauty – the real magic comes from the woven cotton fabric which is usually used to create athletic tape. It’s also meant to mimic the elasticity of the skin.

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Anyway, I left it on for the full half hour and when I peeled it off I noticed straight away my neck felt more toned. I have a small pocket of fat under my chin which has always bothered me and it looked less noticeable. My skin also felt very soft and elasticated.

Did the results last? For a few hours, yes. Which is great if you want a quick fix for an event, like Mrs Hinch. Apparently with continued use the skin can also become slightly more toned.

I know I look completely ridiculous in it and my family have already circulated snaps of me wearing it to the extended family WhatsApp chat (and the snap will definitely make the family Christmas 2020 calendar) – but I’m willing to take the ridicule for Bella Hadid’s jawline.

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