MTV Spotlights BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Artists for NYC Exhibit

To celebrate the 2020 MTV VMAS on August 30, MTV will be hosting an art exhibition featuring works by eight NYC-based BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists. Taking place at the Atlantic Terminal Subway Station in Brooklyn, the presentation was conceptualized by two MTV employees of color: Antonia Baker and Rich Tu.

The show was inspired by the Baker and Tu’s participation in the Black Lives Matter protests at the Barclay Center this summer. “They seized the moment to propose something that was new to MTV and its current calls of support for the Black community. It transcends a traditional ad campaign and is a reflection of ‘passing the mic’ at a corporate level during this social and cultural moment in time,” said MTV in a statement.

The duo reached out to the participating artists to create works surrounding the themes of “Unity,” “Music,” “Space” and “The Future.” The resulting works channel the diverse community that the artists are a part of while showcasing their distinct visual languages. The roster includes Amika Cooper, Bronson Farr, Eugenia Mello, Eva Zar, Kervin Brisseaux, MorcosKey and Zipeng Zhu.

Highlights includes an Afro-futuristic illustration by the Canadian artist Amika Cooper and intimate photographic works by Bronson Farr that explore empathy for Black men. “Art is communal, it’s optimistic and reflective. We create to honor our past and build our future. These works were made as a reflection of the forces that connect us, and remind us of the importance of creating, sharing, and repeating,” said Cooper in a statement.

View select artworks in the slideshow above and then head to MTV’s website for more information. The exhibition will run through August 24 until September 6.

In other art stories, the controversial Robert E. Lee statue at the U.S. Capitol will be moved to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond.

Atlantic Terminal Subway Station
139 Flatbush Avenue and 625 Atlantic Avenue,
New York, NY 11217
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