Mum builds a miniature fairy house for her kids for just £20

Setting a new standard for ‘mum goals’, one woman has created a tiny fairy house for her children inside the walls of her regular-sized home.

29-year-old Jo Brown – mum to Grace, eight, George, two and Louis, one – managed to create a fairy house, complete with a fully-furnished bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom.

The inspiration came when Jo was having her walk-in wardrobe, which sits next to her daughter’s bedroom, renovated and from that moment began planning this special surprise.

The mother-of-three from Maidstone, Kent is clearly a creative hand, and with the help of partner Jordan Park, 32, they were able to create this magical fairy house in the wall between their wardrobe and the Grace’s bedroom.

Using sample wallpaper from B&Q, twigs from the garden and toy house furniture, the beautiful fairy house cost no more than £20 but has been a big hit with the children.

Jo said: ‘My daughter is obsessed with fairies and all things fantasy so I thought it would be sweet to create a little fairy house for her.’

The creative design means Jo is able to access the fairy house through a secret cupboard so she can switch on the light and change around the interior.

It comes in handy as she switches up the decoration for each season, saying, ‘I move them around and redecorate the house for the kids’ birthdays, Halloween, Easter and Christmas.’

The secret cupboard access also means she’s able to secretly reply to the sweet letters her children write to the fairies.

‘I go in and pick them up and write replies while they’re sleeping,’ says Jo, adding: ‘They love checking to see if they’ve got any letters back.’

It’s safe to say Jo’s in the running for mum of the year.

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