Mum discovers 'secret' nappy feature that prevents spillages when discarding

Changing nappies can get very messy.

You don’t want anything yucky spilling out from the sides when you’re disposing of diapers.

But one mum has discovered a feature that wraps up the whole nappy in itself, meaning you don’t need a diaper bag and won’t risk touching anything you don’t want to.

The British mum-of-two shared the hack on her TikTok channel, where other parents were amazed.

The TikTokker revealed that the thin paper coating on nappies has a purpose.

To make use of it, all you have to do is peel the layer off and fold the waistband into it.

You just then keep rolling until the whole nappy fits into the makeshift bag.

And there you have it – your own little disposable bag.

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Another mum, Lauren, from America, was also surprised by the trick and tried it out for herself.

She showed that the ‘secret’ compartment can also be found on pull-up nappies.

‘This is a used pull-up – you just pull [the paper] up and it folds over,’ she told her 406,000 followers.

‘Then you can stuff it all in there. It doesn’t get anything yucky on you and it makes it into this little ball to throw away!’

Other parents said the tip was life-changing.

‘I’ve been a mum for almost eight years and I NEVER KNEW. I tried it with my toddler this morning, life-changing,’ wrote one mum.

Another said: ‘OMG you have changed my life,’ while a third added: ‘Wow I just tried it, thank you’.

Other parents commented that their kids were too big for nappies but would consider it if they had more kids in future.

One parent joked: ‘Going to have another kid just to do this’.

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