Mum mortified after she accidentally sends daughter to preschool with rude card

A mum was left absolutely mortified when she sent her daughter to preschool with an extremely rude card.

Brinn Williams didn't think to check daughter Ruby's work before the school's director texted her.

The mum, from Nebraska, US, thought her child had fallen ill, but it turned out the message was about the card.

Ruby had grabbed a colourful card from her mum's desk which read: "A best friend you can have sex with" across the front.

Then when you think it can't get worse, you open the card to read the message on the inside, which asks: "How great is that?"

The preschooler had asked to borrow her mum's "rainbow stationary" the night before, and this wasn't an unusual request.

Brinn said she didn't think anything of it as she allowed Ruby to help herself which is when she picked up the naughty card instead.

Speaking to US breakfast show TODAY, the mum said: "She goes and does this almost every single night.

"So I had no reason to believe the card wasn't going to look how it normally looks.

"I didn't look it over before she put it in her backpack."

Although Ruby can't read yet, she does love to draw so she sketched inside the card as a sweet gesture for her teacher.

Brinn got a message from her school director asking her if she was "missing a card" as Ruby said she found it on her mum's desk.

The mum claimed she gave her permission to use stationary from her desk, but didn't "know what she was making".

Unsurprisingly, the mum was "so embarrassed" after receiving the text message, but luckily the mistake made everyone laugh.

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Ruby's dad Josh was said to be mortified over the situation because the school director is the wife of his boss.

Brinn said: "I thought he was going to die."

Now to prevent this from happening again, the mum will set up a dedicated space for Ruby to draw with her own stationary.

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