Mum shares ten-year-old daughter’s tricky maths problem – and it stumps everyone

A mum was stumped by her ten-year-old's maths homework – and it left other parents scratching their heads as well.

The woman shared a snap of the schoolwork to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas.

But she didn't get the answer she needed to the Year One assignment.

Other parents joined the debate and they couldn't believe how tricky the problem was.

She wrote: “Assistance needed please. I’m thinking this is a trick question.

“How do I explain this to a 6 year old. Thanks.”

She then posted the homework question – and it soon became clear that others were struggling too.

The problem read: “In three tanks, the least amount of starfish is 4.

“The most amount of starfish is 18. How many could there be in the middle tank?

“Show two possible answers.”

Writing on the group, another mum grumbled: “Crikey why can’t maths be simple?! +-x and divide.”

One parent was confused, writing: “Thanks for that brain pain I’m baffled.”

But another had an idea, writing: “Start with do they understand least and most and in between.

"Get pasta out and have a least and most pot – most six year olds need to see it."

A fifth suggested: "Get a ruler – show 4 and 18 and pick two numbers in between."

And a sixth added: "It could be any numbers between 4 and 18."

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