Mum shows how dirty floors can get when left only a week without washing

How often do you mop your floors or clean your carpets? Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

The fact is, it’s not a chore we look forward to, with drying times and having to wring out your tools making it somewhat joyless.

If you’re the type (again, no judgement) who’d rather just run the hoover around and call it quits, though, these pictures may shock you.

An Australian woman posted the dirty water that came from her steam cleaner just one week after the last time she did her floors.

On the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, the Queensland woman detailed how she uses the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner every week after she vacuums.

As her son has asthma, this helps lift any dust and grime still trapped in the fibres.

While you wouldn’t think this much gunk can get trappled on your floor after such a short amount of time, let this be a lesson to you.

One commenter replied: ‘Well that makes me feel like a grot. My carpet is five years old and I just vacuum one to two times a week, though have been thinking to have it professionally cleaned soon.’

The original poster did say that they have three great dane dogs, all of whom come into their house ‘all the time’, so that could go some way to explaining why her carpets need such a shampooing.

However, it’s still oddly satisfying yet horrifying to know that normal wear and tear can leave our floors so filthy.

Time to get the mop out? Potentially.

If you do have the cleaning bug right now, why not give these 10-minute tasks a go. It feels a lot less taxing than doing everything at once, and helps you get into those often-forgotten areas of the house.

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