Mums are buying fabric toilet paper for £25 amid coronavirus shortages

Some UK supermarkets have begun to ration out in-demand products as the coronavirus outbreak is causing people to panic buy.

While currently there is only a limit on hand sanitiser and cleaning products this may change if supply lines or stock are affected.

Toilet roll is one product which panicking stockpilers seem to be targeting – with photos of empty supermarket loo roll shelves fooding in from around the world.

Not wanting to be left wanting, Aussie mums have found a unique solution to the problem.

They’ve been purchasing reusable fabric rolls which cost a whopping £25 a pop.

Creator of the patterned toilet fabric Eloise Marsh posted to the Facebook group “ For the Love of Australian Handmade ” with her unique item.

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She said: “"Introducing washable/reusable non-toilet paper!”

"Just to get you by (you could ration your toilet paper and just use this for number ones, leaving your precious toilet paper for number twos) or you could save a bunch of money on toilet paper by using this all the time!"

The rolls consist of 12 squares of patterned fabric with towelling backing material.

The rolls pop together using a plastic press stud which means you can roll it all together on your holder before popping a square off when soiled.

The unique solution is sold on Handmade Australian Textiles for 50 Australian dollars (£25) plus shipping.

She also sells fabric baby wipes and kitchen towel.

Eloise spoke to Kidspot to say that her business began as a hobby after she had her first baby.

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She hopes that the “family cloth” style roll will eventually help the environment as people swap over from paper.

People loved the idea, especially considering the thousands of Aussies who have been made to self-isolate.

One person wrote: “This is the solution.”

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