My boyfriend always wants his dog in bed with us so we barely have sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHY does my boyfriend seem to care more about his dog than me?

We’ve been together for six months and are both 23. I worry that he’s not as into me as I am him.

He doesn’t stay with me because he can’t leave his dog alone at home.

It is a golden retriever who is very sensitive, he says.

My boyfriend tells me he loves me to stay over with him. But when I do, we hardly ever have sex as the dog is sleeping on his bed.

He asked me to stay the other night but as we were going to bed he said: “You know the dog likes to sleep with me.”

I said I would go home but he said he wanted me to stay.

But I woke up to find myself alone and my boyfriend and the dog in the spare bed.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Perhaps he thought they were disturbing you.

Tell him either you develop more intimacy or you will accept he prefers the dog and move on.

It is not good for dogs to feel they rule the roost.

Suggest your boyfriend asks his vet for advice on sleeping arrangements.

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