My daughter won't invite her sisters to her wedding and it's breaking my heart

DEAR DEIDRE: THE only members of the family my daughter wants at her wedding are me, her dad, her brother and his daughter.

She won’t invite her big sister or her sister’s husband and kids because she’s fallen out with her.

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My daughter says she doesn’t have a close enough relationship with them and would rather the other guests she is allowed under the Covid rules are her friends.

I’m starting to feel that I can’t go either, as the rest of my family will be distraught. I’m 55 and my husband is 56. Our daughter is 27.

Do I go along, with my husband, and feel the wrath of the rest of the family?

Or do I not go and so feel better for the rest of the family?

DEIDRE SAYS: It is your daughter’s day along with her groom.

Please put their feelings first because your daughter might well never get over it if you don’t.

Weddings often bring family tensions to the surface but you must go.

Remind the rest of the family that the feelings of the bride and groom matter most.

My leaflet Wedding Worries? will help you all work through this.

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