My ex wife wants her new hubby to adopt my daughter – but I’m a caring dad – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE seeing my daughter every three weeks, my ex-wife wants her new husband to adopt my daughter.

He can’t do that can he? There’s no need. I’m her father and I see her as often as I can.

My ex recently got married and her new bloke is nice enough. I’m 37 and my ex is 35. Our daughter is eight.

I work away but I’ve always paid my child maintenance.

DEIDRE SAYS: I agree there is no need for him to adopt your daughter and, if you withhold your consent and can show you’re a caring dad, a court would be very unlikely to agree to it.

Ask your ex to have a calm discussion to work out what they are hoping to achieve. For example a Step-parental Responsibility Order could grant her new partner parental responsibility without taking it away from you.

Check how your daughter feels and talk with the Child Law Advice Line (

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