Nando’s is giving away thousands of free meals every Wednesday this month

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Let's be real, a free Nando's is quite dreamy isn't it?

So you'll be happy to know the chicken restaurant is surprising thousands across the UK throughout October.

Nando's is giving diners 12,500 chances to win – with each restaurant selecting one lucky table at random and rewarding them.

The lucky customer will receive a discount code ranging from £10-£20 that will automatically be applied onto their order.

It hopes the move is an escape from the midweek slump of Hump Day, which is thought to be the toughest day of the week.

But it does mean customers can have a Nando's for free!

The promotion will run on Wednesdays from October 7-28.

To quality for the chance, you must purchase any item off the menu.

Then there's nothing else to do but sit at your table and hope you'll be getting a free meal.

The winners will be the diners who are sat at the lucky tables at a certain time and they'll be notified when ordering their meal.

In other Nando's news, it has been reported the restaurant is finalising plans for a new vegan burger in the UK.

And if you're trying to find ways to save money at Nandos, here are six hacks to try in the restaurant.

From getting a Nando's card to being savvy about your oder, there are so many ways to spend less money at the popular chain.

Alternatively, you can share your fries – not that you'd want to because they're so delicious – or go for diet drinks to cut costs.

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